Must Read News Articles of the Day – August 12

The Hindu


Women MPs pitch for paternity leave : The Rajya Sabha amended the bill doubling the maternity leave for women from existing 12 weeks to 26 weeks. However for women having two or more children, the maternity leave will stay at 12 weeks. But women MPs nowa want paternity leave as “motherhood is not only restricted to women”

Union Territories have their identity, says SC : The administration of Union Territories is by the Central government but that does not mean the Union Territories become merged with the Central government. They are centrally administered but retain their independent entity – Says the Supreme Court of India.

India joins Norway, Canada with longest maternity leave : The Maternity Relief Bill would vault India to the third position in terms of the number of weeks allowed for maternity leave, behind Norway (44 weeks) and Canada (50 weeks). Good news for working women.


Russia-Ukraine spar threatens to revive Crimea conflict : Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 following a hastily called referendum, a move that sparked fighting between Russia-backed separatists and government forces in eastern Ukraine. And now as things get heated up, Ukrain has put its combat troops on its border with Crimea

A chance to narrow India-China differences India and China have several differences – right from its assertiveness in South China Sea to its fight at WTO for market economy” status – which USA opposes because of China’s dumping activities. But with the coming visit of Chinese Foreign Minister, common ground has to be reached.


Ministry wants SEZs’ tax sops to continue The GST’s passage offers very less clarity on how the tax sops given to SEZs would change. The Ministry of Commerce wants the tax sops of SEZs to continue.



From Kandadevi to Kallimedu : The stand-off over Dalits’ claim to participate in the Badrakaliamman temple’s annual festival is part of a pattern. It is high time the rule of law is established and justice prevails.

Turkey talks tough with the EU : Turkeys wants its citizens to have VISA free entry in Europe. Europe wants Turkey to make changes to its counter terrorism law. But after the failed coup, Turkey wants both – no changes to anti terrorism law as well as VISA free entry to EU Nations. Note that Turkey is the only Muslim state to be a part of EU.

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