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Prelims 2016: Survey Results & Estimation of Cut off for Prelims 2016

Disclaimer: The Cut off estimation from the below data reflects a very small sample size of student and does not reflect the official cut off by ForumIAS. ForumIAS does not come up with a cut off though members are entirely allowed to debate it. We, at ForumIAS would ask all those with marks around 100 or more to prepare for the Mains, even it is your last attempt.

For those of you for whom 2015 was not the last attempt should anyway prepare for Mains.

Hi Friends,

Thank you for attempting the test at Less than 3000 candidates submitted their scores. Lower than 5600 candidates who wrote the FREE open Test 😛

We removed a few hundred scores which were unrealistic or erroneous.

Anyway, going by the data, we have plotted a graph of the scores. A histogram, has been drawn.

See the scores below




Based on the above data, an estimated cut off in the range of 110 can be expected. This is purely based on this data and may have no relevance to actual cut off.

We again appeal to all those of you with scored in the range of 100 to prepare for the Mains Examination.

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