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Official : Post Daily Routine & Self Assessment (Mains 2020)

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@Qoqo Any day Dipin sir's class. Believe me there is no one in orn who puts this level of effort in Current affairs classes for mains. His Class notes (not referring to the ones available in the market ) are simply a full and final material for GS 2,3.

and wbt his pre ca classes ?

and what is the ideal time to join his classes ? for 2021 i am asking

now or may be in jan/feb ?

I haven't even checked answer keys of any of the papers. I feel like I will have a heart attack if I do. Still have started preparing for mains. Probably I won't make it, but what can ya do anyway :D. Thanks for posting this daily schedule, it's sending motivation my way.
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MK YADAV QEP reviews anyone??

Plus does anyone want to share cost??

@Sadhika From where are you doing the current affairs of PCS?

@DramaticAdmiral  there is this thread  /UPPCS 2020 FINAL WEEK/. Some good people have suggested resources for CA,etc you can look up. I have downloaded from there itself. 

@Raillife i guess for 2021 he has already started the classes, you can check with forum people. Feb me prelims wala mahaul will start, so dedicatedly mains CA to nahi ho pata hai wo time.
Prelims ke liye to no classes will work now :P

7/9 Review:

1. CA  Jan-Aug pcs specific only : 20% done
2. PYQ pcs : 2 years+ 1 section done
3. Geomorphology from Savinder Singh (physical geo) 1/4 : Not done
4. Map/diagrams : Rivers done
5. Squeeze in some time for this beautiful book : The ocean of churn : churning has begun 

NEXT 3+1 days: PCS only. So, taking a break from the 'internet'

//Other things( more of a diary entry): 
Today i had lot of things to decide like test series, covering current affairs and how to do answer writing, revising optional etc. Every institute is selling n no. of things and I cannot chase every other material in the pursuit of some perfect preparation. Not that i have a rock solid plan or notes are organised(hardly, like none) or I am some genius. It is just that I don't have the capacity/bandwidth and trust to run behind programs. Charted out every single thing until now on my own through trial and error. I have made blunders in my first attempt at mains last year. I own them fully. Learning a little. Here again, taking a leap of faith. I hope these days turn out to be better than I want them to be. 
Sorted now, at least in my head. //

Closing the day with:

सरस्वती महाभागे विद्ये कमललोचने।

विद्यारूपे विशालाक्षि विद्यां देहि नमोस्तुते ।।

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slot 1: philosophy p1 -indian[1/2] no. excuse: power cut in area         

slot 2:  ethics  red book[1/3]       NO, picked classnotes first; just 1hr/4h

slot 3: vision- Aug[1/3]     no     

slot 4: sekhar bando [1/8]           12to 2AM


slot 1: philosophy p1 -indian[2/3]

slot 2:  ethics  class notes[2/3]

slot 3: vision- Aug[2/4]

slot 4: sekhar bando [2/8]

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@Sadhika if possible can you list out the blunders

@HotBloodPrince bhai how many optional do you have!!!?both history and philo k book padh rahe ho! 

@HotBloodPrince bhai how many optional do you have!!!?both history and philo k book padh rahe ho! 

isiliye history optional ke dost ni banane chahiye, sale spectrum ki jagah nanhe hathon me sekhar bandopadhyay pakda jate hai. Ab ek bar padh li toh usi ko padh rhe hai bhai 😁😁 

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@Sadhika rock it sadhika, you have worked real hard man! Best wishes and positive vibes. 🙌🙌🙌

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@Sadhika if possible can you list out the blunders

Let me try to frame it:

#To everyone's surprise I jumped into this in August 2018. Working on the way. I know things atleast a little better now, as I like to believe.

First attempt, first mains and horrors therein:

1. I studied optional without any approach to answer writing. I thought writing GS answers was enough. I had enough knowledge to write atleast average answers, I knew most of the questions, but i couldn't write those in a structured manner. I wrote unidirectional, incomplete, below average answers in a subject like Geography. I only accumulated knowledge and didn't reproduced those learnings in the answer sheet. Also, couldn't attempt 2 subparts.

2. Always struggled to finish paper right from test series to exams. Was not able to bridge those extra 10 minutes. Wrote horrible answers in last 3 questions on average.

3. I only studied things like ARC reports, NITI Aayog strategy document, Best Practices, data, Mains 365, etc taking for granted that I will be able to write them in the paper. Couldn't write most of them as I had not written them multiple times before exams. 

4. I had suboptimal content for like 35% of the syllabus. 

5. Scattered and incomplete notes. 

6. For 1 month I was waiting for mains result and did only GS1(1/2) in that crucial time. 

7. The amount of optimism I had for prelims faded during mains preparation. I was overwhelmed that I don't know enough, haven't practiced enough, that my optional is so tough and I don't understand it, that I have lost even before actually fighting, that I have wasted such a good opportunity even before actually wasting it. 

8.  I had/have little faith in coaching programs/Panch varshiya yojna. So didn't join any except for test series. Don't know if it will be disastrous/other bad things. (These views are subject to change in light of emerging plans/needs). So I didn't had any person in real life to guide about anything.

The above was a recipe for a disaster. 

Little good things:

1. Was able to write 77/80 answers in GS.

2. I wasn't afraid of Geography anymore. 

3. If I am one of the lowest scorer in mains 2019, I can always show before and after mark sheet. With huge base for improvement. Those % change numbers will be beautiful. :D

Essentially, just trying to be more  honest in my efforts and willing to learn, unlearn, relearn about everything in life, wherever it takes me.

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@HotBloodPrince  Thank you! Real good vibes from your side always. Cheers!

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Going to start doing this in earnest too!

7th October Twenty-Twenty 

1. Western political thought (6h)

2. PYQs of WPT (3h)

3. GS4 - analyse PYQs and identify what needs to be done (lol) (2h)

4. World history - PYQs and notes

good luck everyone!

7th Oct.: done except World History 

8th October Twenty-Twenty

1. Indian political thought (4h)

2. Theories of state (2h)

3. PSIR PYQs answer-writing (2h)

4. August Vision 1/2 (3h)

5. Revise yesterday’s WPT (1h)

6. World history (2h)


this thing is fun! Have a nice day everyone! :)

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Day 92

  1. 8.30- 11.30 am- essay test 3
  2. 11.30- 11.40- meditation
  3. 11.40 - 12 pm - bike service
  4. 12- 1.00 pm- agriculture notes
  5. 1.00 to 1.30 pm- break and lunch
  6. 1.00- 1.20 pm- nap
  7. 1.20- 4.30- pre independence economics
  8. 4.30- 4.50- break and meditation
  9. 4.50- 7.00 -- complete agriculture and yesterday's revision
  10. 7.00 - 7.40- dinner and break
  11. 7.40- 8.00- meditation
  12. 8.00- 9.00- newspaper
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9:00-11:48 Money and banking Done

1:00-4:00 Money and banking Done

5:00-8:00 World History Done

9:00-11:00 CA

When your father says don’t worry about the money and take whatever you need for mains. He don’t realise that the daughter will be spending a boatload on tests in days to come. 

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What to focus in newspaper (Hindu)?

I think I'm still in prelims mode when it comes to newspaper.

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