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Official : Post Daily Routine & Self Assessment (Mains 2020)

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@Siddhurules yes sure. what is your big picture for pre mains before 4th oct?

@HotBloodPrince ethics  and paper1 of philosophy by 30th june  and  from 1st july full fledged prelims


Meditate before breakfast.

1st slot - Economy static 40 pages

2nd slot - current affairs of economics 30 pages

3rd slot - after exercise and meditation 1.5 to 2 hrs Revision of previously read things.

4th slot - Economy static 40 pages.

meditation and sleep.

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9/7 review: 20% of CA, 10% of eco :(


shift 0- newspaper

shift 1-till 3: CA june: 2/3

shift 2 -  after 3 eco mrunal 2/4


@TabsAndChords @Agog  what your big picture for pre and mains before 4oct?


Review of 10TH JULY 2020

5.30-7.30- ETHICS lecture(2hrs)

7.30-9.00-Daily chores+ Breakfast

9.00-10.00-Ethics lectures over(1 hr) 

10.00-12.00- Political gupshup on Vikash Dubey(has to be avoided in future)

12.00-1.00- Lunch

1.00-7.00- Previous year ethics solutions 2013-2017 finished(6 hours)

(This completes ethics)

7.00-8.30- Free time

8.30-9.30- Dinner+ forward scheduling

9.30-10.30- Phenomenology(1 hr)

Self Rating:-8/10 (as read around 10 hours and completed ETHICS which has been an issue since long).

Improvements needed:- 

1. No political discussions on "bekaar" topics. It helps nobody

2. No break for long time.

3. Include timings of 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm in your studies with no movement from 9-12 and 2-5 as these timings are crucial for prelims. 

Remarks:- Feeling Good after completing ethics(i know, i will have to revise it 10 times to internalize it.)

Quote of the day:-

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10th july review

woke up with fever. Tried meditation but could not sit due to fever.

slot 1 of studies- took paracetamol and rest

slot 2 - paracetamol worked. Completed slot 1 target of 40 page static economy studying

slot 3 - No exercise due to weakness. Read 10 pages and slept after having mother's home made recipe for fever cure

slot 4 - feeling better. Completed target of this slot i.e 40 pages of economy static studying and completed 50% of slot 2 target i.e 15 pages eco current affairs. 

Total study hours - 6 hrs 30 min . Completed about 75% of study targets.

Future advice for myself- don't go out to enjoy when it rains and don't bath in evening if weather is rainy otherwise you will get fever again.


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I started prelims exclusive preparation from today since this is my first attempt and i am still not scoring very good marks in mocks. But 9 hrs per week i have kept for mains preparation till august 10. 
Last month I studied for mains ( some topics in GS3 and 75% syllabus GS4 + little bit of my optional)

what about you?

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11th july targets -

wake up and meditate before breakfast

slot 1 - current affairs for 3 hrs 

slot 2 - economy static 40 pages . this will complete static portion of economy. 

slot 3 - 1.5 to 2 hrs of study . Major govt schemes apart form agriculture ministry , food processing ministry and chemical ministry.

slot 4 - economy specific current affairs 40 pages. This will complete economy current affairs till February.

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4th-10th July
1. 2 essays; lectures; forum essential readings
2. World history; answer writing;
3. Hindu/factly
4. May Epic

Week started well but later complacency returned, the reason I didn't put daily updates. Yet to write world history mock I was supposed to write yesterday. Someone on forum said: what gets measured gets managed. Hence, whatsoever haopens, I'll put daily updates with number of hours studied. 

Wake up at 8:30
Sfg test
World history mock
Start modern history (1 unit spectrum)
No of hours: 8

Good night :)

11th July 2020

8am-12pm- March 2020 Current affairs

12pm-2pm- Lunch+Rest

2pm-4pm- Revise May 2020 Current Affairs

4pm-7pm- Discussion of March 2020 current affairs

7.00-8.30- Exercise+Dinner

8.30-10.30- Revise 1 test of Simulator

Review of 11th July 2020

8.00-8.30- breakfast

8.30-9.00- online(wasted time on internet)

9.00-1.00- March 2020 current affairs over(4 hours)

1.00-2.00- Lunch+ Rest

2.00-4.00- Talked to friends(this time I talked unnecessarily and without any purpose )

4.00-8.00- Discussed March 2020 current affairs(4 hours)

8.00-9.00- Dinner

9.00-10.30- phone(home)

Self Rating-6/10(since studied 8 hours but completed only 60% of task)

Improvements needed:-

1. If u get up at 5am study atleast 10 hours or please dont get up just for the sake of it. Sleep well atleast you will have good memory.

2. Please do some yoga/meditation/Exercise for atleast half an hour. This will help you saving        4-5 hours of the day where you just keep pondering over something or you dont feel like           studying.

3. If you seriously want to get into this competition please keep your phone switch off while studying. Noone is gonna die while u study.

4. There must be no use of internet in first half of study i.e, before 1 pm. Dont open it no matter what.

Remarks:- Below average performance because you got up today at 5am and didn't complete today's  list. Moreover wasting a lot of time on phone is not going to fetch marks in pre/mains/interview.

quote of the day:-

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11th july

Couldn't study due to personal issues for a long time, have to pick the thread from where I have doing only prelims prep,

10- 1 current affirs

3-6 environment 2 topics

6-7 art n culture

7-8 revision of earlier topics

10-12pm current affairs


Tweaked the plan a little so that I'll finish current affairs till feb by next day. Due to long gap, reading slowly hope I'll pick up pace in the coming days.. I'll rate 7/10 , no of hours -8-9

@TabsAndChords good one bro. i pray you get well from fever like real quick. my best wishes.

On 5th june my plan was to cover for 1000 marks of mains before 4 oct. GS3, essay and optional! but now that i have taken luxury for over a month, that seems difficult. Although i still hold the idea of doing optional and gs3 before prelims. Half of august and sept is for prelims specific.


@root  @Neyawn boss this thread should be pinned. there are few pinned threads which are stale and have last update of more than 20 days back.this thread is completely exam oriented and has no promotional stuff.


review 10/7: shift 0- 100%, shift 1- 20%, shift 2-50%


shift 0 newspaper till 11.30

shift 1(till 3 pm): June CA 3/3

shift 2: mrunal eco 3/4


@ssver2 @Vinay12 what's your big picture for pre and mains before 4oct?



I'm weak in prelims, so my main focus in next 3 months will be prelims only - trying to do lot of mocks and quiz to increase my scores.. 

For mains, I'll start optional paper 1 preparation with tests next month - I'm confident of finishing it nand also reading current affirs specific to my optional so part of paper 2 will be done.. And weekly mains tests on current affirs I'll start soon that will be enof for gs2 n gs3.. 

Remaining I'll start after oct 4.


1st post-

12th July 2020-targets

4.30 pm - 7.30 pm - optional 2 chapters

8 pm - 9.30 pm - optional 1 more chapter

9.45 pm - 11pm - current affairs - pointy March and April 2020


11th july review - 

slot 1 of studies - 100% targets achieved 

slot 2 of studies - 100% targets achieved

slot 3 of studies - 100% targets achieved

slot 4 of studies - 0 % study due to phone calls from college friends 

NO meditation . only 75% study targets completed.

Total study hours - 8 hours. 

12th july targets-:

1st slot - current affairs 3 hours 

2nd slot - Mock Test for prelims and its analysis.  3.5 hours ( 1.5 hours attempting and 2 hrs analysing)

3rd slot - Current affairs 40 pages 

4th slot - mock test and its analysis. 

MS DHONI once said in an interview " i just focussed on my daily goals, i didn't use to think that i will play for India, i believed in giving my 100% during net practice and district level matches and that itself took me to the top."

Thus focus on your daily goals. Treat mock tests like real tests. Be like MS. 

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Slept at 5

woke up: 8:30,

read Hindu and some world History.

Slept at 9:30 again. Woke up at 1 pm

Sat at 3 pm: read Hindu, factly, procrastination

7 pm onwards: closed world history, wrote mock jaise taise, hardly satisfied

But 16 ko baaki sari history syllabus ka mock hai

Hrs: ~ 7



Wake up at: 11 am

Spectrum unit 5-8

Hrs: 8

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