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Official : Post Daily Routine & Self Assessment (Mains 2020)

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Whole day wasted because of headache.

Could do only 2 things: Newspaper and Book.


1. Big reform on the wrong way

2. Hagia sophia (Vivek Katju)

3. Community canteens

4. Crime, definition and Ranveer Singh committee (Desh Deshantar)

Book: 2 chapters

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21st July 2020

8.30-12.30pm- Tamilnadu NCERT


2.00-6.30pm - Tamilnadu NCERT

6.30-8.00pm -Exercise+Dinner

8.00-10.00pm - Economy Current Affairs

will review at  10.00pm

Review 21st July 2020

Wasted second day today
have nothing to say in self defence, I must have more control on my body and mind

No problem. Happens to everyone. I suggest one article to startover

Sets well in the time that we have now, brilliantly written by our very own sinha sahib.

Also there are 2 videos of neyawn on YouTube around this time (10apr) common mistakes in prelims and how to get better scores. They are pure work of genius.

Together these 3 are perfect startover guide.

All the best! 


21st July review-

1st slot - current affairs for mains (2.5 hrs , 90% target achieved)

2nd slot- Geography static revision (1.5 hrs only , 40% targets achieved)

3rd slot - studied 1 hr only ( current mains revision)

4th slot- geography static revision (3 hrs , 100% targets achieved)

Total Study hours - 8 hrs   Targets achieved- 75%

Need to avoid distractions. Even if it starts flooding outside due to rain i won't care unless water comes inside my house.

22nd July Targets -

1st slot - Geography static revision of Deserts, Biomes , Climate types of world, Clouds (3 hrs)

2nd slot - Current Affairs for Prelims ( 30 pages , 3 hrs)

3rd slot - current affairs revision for mains (1-1.5 hrs only)

4th slot - Geography static revision most probably maps. (3 hrs)

Need to do some deep work now. Concentration has to be increased which can only be done through meditation and exercise. Atleast 5 hrs of study with laser beam focus and rest with normal concentration level.



Shift 0: Newspaper

Shift 1:backlog. [2/3]

Shift 2: sfg 4 and 5

Shift 3: apr CA [3/4]


0: 50%

1: 50%


3: 90%

* basically sthiti ye hai ki glass hai 4, aur pani hai 2 ka! So 4 shifts ka 75% attain karne ke lie paani ki matra badhani padegi! Present;y it is around 6 to 7hr, need to take it 9 to 10! Karte hai aj se


Shift 0: newspaper

Shift 1: backlog [3/3]

Shift 2: sfg 4 and 5

Shift 3: apr CA[4/4] ->this will go in extra budgetary, :( 

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22nd July 2020

Wasted third day in a Row

Self Rating/Improvements needed:- No Comments


Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote: “I'll be back.” (19 wallpapers ...

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22nd July 2020

Wasted third day in a Row

Self Rating/Improvements needed:- No Comments

Bhai don't take otherwise but mujse puche bina raha ni ja raha: personal reason ki vajah se waste kar rhe ho ya aise hi ho gye?

*Sorry for me asking

@HotBloodPrince no personal reason bhai....overthinking and not feeling like studying....had never studied ncert but thought this year i will read it for prelims but from inside i am not fully convinced of its benefits so am unable to implement it

@Siddhurules ok. You may directly pick up singhania man, I found tn ncerts a bit overhyped (but I had read old ncerts before reading them). Marks toh singhania se hi banne hai jo thode bahaut art n culture me banenge.

@HotBloodPrince there were 2 questions directly from NCERT(Themes in Indian history waala) last year and 2-3 from Tamilnadu(although 1 was vague) and i had read Tamilnadu many times but could not do the questions. So m a bit confused about it


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Sleep: 3: 0-7:00; 11:00-2:30

Some yoga

Polity: Sfg 5, Revised old sfg 8, laxmikanth

Society: forum booklet (2 chapters)


2 hr+: calls

Hrs: 4+



Sleep: 1 pm- 6:30 am; 12:pm-2:30pm

Polity: SFG 6; old SFG 9; laxmikanth

1 essay


Hrs: 8+


23rd: In this order of priority

Polity: SFG 7;

April Factly

Essay/Mains answer writing


Hrs: 8+

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22 july review-

1st slot - 3 hrs study , 60% targets completed

2nd slot - no study

3rd slot - no study

4th slot- 2 hrs study (50% targets completed)

total study- 5 hrs .  Not a productive day

23rd july targets-

9:30 - wake up . Exercise and meditate (Mandatory , chahe kuch bhi ho jaye)

1st slot - Geography static revision - Clouds , Koeppans climate classification, oceanography complete.(3 hrs)

2nd slot- current affairs for prelims (3 hrs)

3rd slot- current for mains revision (1.5 hrs only)

4th slot- Geography static revision maps - Few national parks and other things(3 hrs)

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Shift 0: newspaper

Shift 1: backlog [3/3]

Shift 2: sfg 4 and 5

Shift 3: apr CA[4/4] 


0: 50%

1: 0%

2: 0%

3: 150% ; what could have taken 2 days of extra budgetary resource will now need one! But collateral damage happened with other shifts.


Shift 0: newspaper

Shift 1: backlog [4/3]

Shift 2: sfg 5

Shift 3: apr CA[5/4]

*time badhana padega…vrna chandrayaan 3 bhi fail ho jawega!

**I'll focus more on first half of day, second  half is in habit. No progress on first half shows zero effort on my part! Virat aur vijay me yahi farak rehta hai test inning me! :)


#TIL 20/7 CA

Atmanirbharta in agri : Next agenda must be on seeds, fertilizer and machinery(ashok gulati oped); kaziranga floods and why it is necessary for this ecosystem to survive(highly recommended of this day explained IE); Overhauling criminal justice system (context: extra judicial killing of dubey); UN convention against torture(273 LC recommendation, 2017 bill on this which failed to pass , concept of sovereign immunity); Pulse oximeter working(I was quite impressed to know that, badhiya invention kia jisne b kia) ;Quad-A word of caution (edit at hindu to which i highly disagree) 

# TIL 21/7 CA

Iran romance and arab neglect(rajamohan oped, have my disagreements with reasoning tho); Upcoming missions on MARS by uae, china, US; SBI report on low cost monetization; subsidised grains v/s community kitchens(charms and challenges of both); Railways ppp+bibek debroy committee recos on this+ tejas train experience; central ground water authority

# TIL 22/7 CA

dependence on russian military hardware- sipri and ors data; data regulation: non personal data framework kris gopalakrishnan committee recommendations; strategy to counter china(m k narayanan edit, i highly recommend); Current account and BoP basics(context June trade surplus for first time in 18 years)

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boss i can't find about item 1 and 2.

पथ प्रदर्शित करो



2. It was in yesterday’s The Hindu Editorial.
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@Naadan_Parinda thanks boss.

Does it happen with anyone that when first half goes well , second half is ruined and when second half goes well next day first half is ruined . By ruined in mean lack of concentration or energy . How to balance both
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Does it happen with anyone that when first half goes well , second half is ruined and when second half goes well next day first half is ruined . By ruined in mean lack of concentration or energy . How to balance both

haha. for me there is consistency in wasting first half and then having a moment of OMG in evening, an then somehow pulling off just 5 6 hrs.
One good advice on this i got from neyawn that don't ever waste golden hour i.e. within 30 mins of waking up you must sit on table, and then have discipline of having a shift of 2+ hrs. and "to do list" that we create here is old good practice. 

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22nd July review - day started after 1 pm.. Done optional. 2016 2017 papers.. Plus revised 2018 nd 19 optional papers.. Saw current related to optional.. Slept late.. Hate rains.. Makes me nostalgic.. 

23rd July - half day got wasted.. Will sit now for some productive hours.. 

6pm - 8.30 pm - shift 1

8.45 pm - 10.30 pm - shift 2

11pm - 1pm - shift 3

Target- become " mad " as per Sidhu sir revision strategy..aaj toh achieve nahi hoga.. Will see for tomorrow

Also waiting for epic magazine for June..makes me anxious to keep rechecking whether released or not.. Need to cut down on it.. 

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