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Official : Post Daily Routine & Self Assessment (Mains 2020)

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16th july review

1st slot - 100% targets completed ( 2.5 hrs)

2nd slot - 100% targets completed ( 3 hrs)

3rd slot - NO studies due to phone calls 

4th slot - 70% targets completed. Revised 1 sfg test and polity static . (2 hours)

Total hours studied - 7.5 

Need to cut down on phone calls during study hours.

DID meditation but no exercise.

17th july targets

1st slot - polity static revision(3 hrs)

2nd slot - current affairs for mains (3 hrs)

3rd slot - current affairs for prelims (1 - 1.5 hrs)

4th slot - polity static revision(3 hrs)

Will definitely do some exercise , no phone calls during study hrs 

Will consume very less digital content and that too related to studies only.

sleep: 1:40-6:40, 10-12:30, 8:30-9:30. din bhar sota hi raha :D
polity: sfg test, old sfg, 22-25, 33, 72
some history answer writing
hrs: 5 :/

17th: close history 
mocks: 2; mains topics, PYQ, model answers etc
hrs: 10


Tanked today’s targets, besides the SFG wasn’t able to complete anything!

I needed an advise on how should I sync my prep with the SFG calendar, is it advisable to appear in tests without revising a day before (though there isn’t a number to which one should ideally revise Laxmikanth, but I did a run through one month ago), and revise the test properly after giving it?

Give it a shot. I go through the old sfg test (same syllabus) and quickly glance through Laxmikanth to read tricky stuff. Will follow this for subjects I'm comfortable with: economics, modern history (freedom movement). Will shift almost completely to SFG for other subjects.

Hey! thanks, though I'm scoring low without prior revision, but it helps me to know what areas I'm consistently lacking in. Will align revision with SFG calendar starting August, for a more structured approach.



Shift 0 : Newspaper

Shift 1: day 1 +2  sfg 15,16 polity

Shift 2: current May Vision [1/3]

Shift 3: polity videos of SR if time permits


0: done

1: hardly 10% [*modi ji:laparwahi badhti hi ja rahi hai]

2: 100%

3. nope, 0%[*modi ji : hum ghar me ghuske marenge]


Shift0: newspaper

Shift 1: may CA vision [2/3]

Shift2: day1,2,3 sfg polity with tests

* Accountability in itself is not sufficient, sincerity is equally important. 

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@IshitaSingh and if possible post your routine here as well!


17 th july targets

9-10am - 50qns quiz(over) 

10.30- 12.30pm - current affairs -env

12.30- 2pm - env. pollution topic

4-6pm -yesterdays topics - int'l conventions

7-9pm - revision of current affiars

10-11pm - last week editorials revision 

Planning to do revision for second half of the day. 


Completed all the targets and wrote a pending mains test. Overall satisfactory. 18th july- personal work 


@HotBloodPrince @ssver2  

6hrs study gives good productivity(good concentration & more topics) , other 4hours I'm trying to put in are like with hlf concentration or energy.. Breaks& walks are helping  to go on but not increasing the amount of topics as such


17th July 2020

11am-2pm- Art and culture current affairs

2pm-5pm- Social issues current affairs

5pm-6pm- Break+Exercise

6pm-10pm-Environment current affairs


Note:-Within 5-7 days there will be complete shift towards prelims preparation(100 % of day allocation). There will be no optional/gs/essay or anything related to main sor for interview. So do ur mains within 18th july-25th  july 2020.

will review at 10pm.

Review of 17th July 2020

11am-3pm- Art and culture current affairs(4 hrs)

3pm-6.30pm- Social issues current affairs(2hrs 30 min)

6.30pm-8pm- cleaned kitchen and room

8pm-9pm-  dinner

9pm-10pm- Envt current affairs partially(1 hr)

10pm-11pm-talked to a friend regarding Bihar elections(next time se nahi hoga)

Self Rating-6/10(read for 7 hours and completed only 60% of syllabus)

Improvements needed:-
1) start early at least by 8.30
2) bekaar k shauk mat paalo-jaise ki khana banayenge ye karenge wo karenge- luft uthane k chakkar mein prelims haath se nikal jaayega

quote of the day:-
Image result for best quotes for discipline
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16th review - did environment except current.. And done 50 questions (checking them now)... Was not able to study after phone calls discussing new material in the market.. 

17th targets -

11.20 am - 12 pm check yest 50 questions

12 pm - 1.30 pm - revise current of environment upto April 2020 from factly.. 

1.30 pm - lunch sleep

3.00 pm - 7 pm - optional mains 


8 pm - do 50 questions of environment.. 

9-10.30 pm - check those 50 questions 

@Vinay12 +1. planning for same bro. lesser but better is the mantra. to implement this i have limited my goals to two shifts plus shift zero of newspaper rather than 3 shifts plus shift0. Also full might of 10 12 hrs is more effective 1 to 1.5 months before prelims. #personalView


@Naadan_Parinda boss your "today i learnt" column is very helpful in pointing out what i missed in the newspaper/daily current. Everyday 1 or 2 things i get to know more because of your post. #Grateful! 

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@Naadan_Parinda boss your "today i learnt" column is very helpful in pointing out what i missed in the newspaper/daily current. Everyday 1 or 2 things i get to know more because of your post. #Grateful! 

Happy to share. If possible, you could also do the same. This way, everyone will benefit.


@Naadan_Parinda boss your "today i learnt" column is very helpful in pointing out what i missed in the newspaper/daily current. Everyday 1 or 2 things i get to know more because of your post. #Grateful! 

Happy to share. If possible, you could also do the same. This way, everyone will benefit.

Sure. From 2mrw , will do

What are you guys focusing more on right now ? Prelims or Mains ?

17th july review

slot 1 - 100% targets completed

slot 2 - 100% targets completed

slot 3 - 100% targets completed

slot 4 - 100% targets completed

Total study hours - 10 hours

did some exercise but need to improve.

18th july targets

1 st slot - current affairs for mains (3 hrs)

2nd slot - polity static revision (3 hrs)

3rd slot - current for prelims (1 - 1.5 hrs)

4th slot - polity static revision (3 hrs)  

Do some meditation and exercise .

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Couldn't sleep, so slept at 9 am after SFG test, woke up at 1:30 pm
Finding difficult to write history mock b/c know just prelims worthy info about specific topics, can't recollect points quicky, wrote some answers
Read essay essential readings & 1 lecture (mgp)
Hrs: ~ 5

Wake up: 9
Finish essay lecture/material
Write 2 essays
1 Clat mock & read relevant cases mentioned therein
If done^ move to other mocks
Hrs: 10
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18th July 2020

7.45-8.15- Exercise

8.15-8.30- Daily chores

8.30-12.30- Environment current affairs

12.30-2.00- Lunch+SLEEP

2.00-4.00- 2019 prelims question paper

4.00-7.30- discussion of art and culture+ social isssues current affairs(if birthday of a friend is to be celebrated this will shift to next day )

7.30-8.30- Meditation+ Dinner

8.30-10.30- 2018 prelims question paper

will review @10.30pm

Review of 18th July 2020

9.00-12.00- Environment current affairs(3 hrs)

12.00-12.30- Lunch

12.30-2.30-Environment current affairs(2 hrs)

2.30-3.30- phone talk

3.30-4.00- 2019 quesn paper

4.00-9.00- Discussion on current affairs(social issues+art and culture)(5 hrs)

9.00-9.30- Dinner

9.30-10.00- Quesn paper 2019

Self Rating-8/10(studied for 10 hours and completed around 80 % of task)
Remarks:- Feeling satisfied with today's effort

Improvements needed:-
1) Make realistic routine- PT materials are quite extensive so it takes time to  cover it comprehensively.
2) Start thoda early- by 8 AM 

quote of the day:-

कर दिखाने का मौका,  
जब भी किस्मत देती है  
गिन के तैयारी के दिन,  
तुझको मोहलत देती है   

मांगती है लागत में, 
तुझसे हर बूँद पसीना   
पर मुनाफा बदले में   
ये जान ले बेहद्द देती है  

रे बन्दे की मेहनत को किस्मत 
का सादर परनाम है प्यारे

दंगल  दंगल
   दंगल    दंगल

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18th July - 

8 - 10 am - environ legislation nd institutes  revise

10. 15 am - 12 pm-indian environ org

12. 10 pm-2 pm - wildlife conservation efforts 

2-3.30-lunch sleep

4pm - 5 pm - 50 questions environment 

5pm - 6.30 pm - see mistakes

7pm - 9pm - environ current revise.. 

9pm - dinner 

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What are you guys focusing more on right now ? Prelims or Mains ?

@upsc2020 mostly prelims now/on the way to prelims focused.  how about you?

Mains till July End is the plan. Shall pick up Pre in full throttle from August. 

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