CSE 2020 Results out! Best of Luck for Prelims 2021 - ForumIAS

CSE 2020 Results out! Best of Luck for Prelims 2021

Best of Luck for Prelims 2021

So the results are out!

Anyone from the community made it ? :)

Anyone from SFG :P

********Hall of Fame CSE 2020******

Congratulations to the rank holders who made it to the final list. Here are the students of ForumIAS who made it in the Top 100 -Click Here.

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@Joeyisthebest another case in point is the sister of previous AIR 1.

Best of Luck Everyone! Have a good nights sleep, and conquer the world tomorrow.
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First of all, real thanks for providing this platform! Congrats to@whatonly @AJ_  for ranks, been silent observer ☺️ Anyone here who struggled with general studies! Need to understand how to approach general studies. 2020 was 2nd attempt (2nd mains also) and 1st interview. Despite getting good marks in interview, i failed cutoff by a whisker due to extremely poor marks (79+76+76+87) as was case in 1st mains as well. I have made short notes, but what do i do regarding pointers, authors to be quoted, diagrams and structures. I feel like i will waste another year if i dont improve on it. I just dont know what is it that will improve my GS, i need to learn the approach that toppers are following or some element which i need to inculcate,may be! I lacked revision which i will improve certainly but what makes an answer in GS get marks, i know i am being vague but thats how vague i am about GS now.

 @whatonly @Neyawn and others please do suggest a good strategy to improve Generak studies ( although now might not be time to ask as prelims are gonna come but then i wont get another time to interact with toppers and get their inputs)

Hey. I am so so sorry. Logged in after prelims and was searching for this comment to reply to, but just found it now. 

I don't want to answer any overall strategy related question immediately. I need to take some time to figure out what exactly worked and what didn't for me. There are loads of things I could have done better that I realised after the result. I'll write all this down in the next few days and share it. Hope the reply isn't too late 😅

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