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Civil Services Mains 2020 Results: In or Out ? Way ahead, gratitude and Pain

Seeing a few old usernames from the discuss forum, now here. Brings back memories. :) Always a pleasure to see this chirping of aspirants here.
Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have imposed lockdown restrictions till 24th of May 2021. And, a few other states till May 17 to 20ish.

Going by the timeline of the last few years, UPSC is expected to release admit cards by the end of the May 2021. And for that to happen, UPSC needs to arrange examination centers across the country and allot them to the candidates. Logically and Logistically, It's almost an impossible task do by the end of May 2021.

In my personal and humble opinion, due to above mentioned reasons. The exam will not be held on 27th of June 2021.

And also, due to the possibility of third wave, UPSC may not immediately announce the new dates or calendar. It will wait till it can establish clarity and foresight on the pandemic. We may expect a press note communicating the deferment of the UPSC CS Prelims 2021 exam until further notice, in the next 2 weeks.

All the best and keep preparing well.

Take care everyone. You all are awesome. :)
Also saw TVF aspirants being discussed here.

It was a treat to satiate the cravings of emotions, drama, dialogues and entertainment from a web series. As usual, well delivered from TVF.

Just hope that the aspirants who are new to the preparation arena can distinguish things between the reel and real. If anything, that is the only downside. Sensationalizing the journey of an aspirant to romanticizing the job of a collector can cause undue burden to the happy souls that have just entered the ring.

The life should go on, CSE is just an exam and IAS is just a job, albeit a very enriching/challenging one. Be happy, let everything in life be on good pace and prepare in peace. Don't get mad behind the exam. Get mad behind making your life better, everything else will fall into the place in proportion to your efforts and smartness.

If there is anything that I've learnt from my failures, it is this. The difference between me and someone who has cleared the exam is not the books/tests we both have done. We both may have done the same, but the difference lies in the journey he/she has traveled since the times in college, the study habits and the lifestyle.

Someone who has spent years before college and during college, in a competitive atmosphere has a mental edge with respect to familiarity and experience to deal and execute the situation.

The coachings, the books, the online guidance and the toppers mantras, everything is peripheral to the clarity of thoughts you hold in the your head.

Once you get clarity over how to crack this exam, the rest of the things just reinforce your efforts. Search for clarity and you won't fear searching your roll number in the pdf.

Taking leave again. Lots of love and hugs to everyone here during these tough times. Stay strong and believe in the better future. Take care. :)

I am in dilemma of career.. having no social media user putting out here..

I am 28 . Academically good in school and state CET. Qualified Gate. Engineering in mechanical from tier 3 engineering college with 5 years experience 2.5 years with MSME and 2.5 years with leading Automotive Manufacturer of India. Not so good salary as started my career with 15K/month.

I have been on bench since last year May 2020. I had given 2019 attempt considering one reading of basic books will suffice. gave 2020 attempt with what I can do by studying 5 months fulltime. may be getting 84-88. after failure decided to give one full time preparation attempt.

Since last few days my own company and other Cos have started calling me and asking for interview scheduling.. Due to low salary and stagnant work culture I was thinking to go IT field by doing few courses. But today I received interview call from one US MNC and they have scheduled interview with EU managers tomorrow.

What should I do? should I decline interview call to focus on my dream. I don't know whether I will be able to give time for studies. If I opt for job I will have regret had I not opted for job I would have cleared. Other side family has started telling about unpredictability of exam.

@Neyawn @AzadHindFauz @TwoFace @Villanelle @whatonly @Jammu all other forumites please help.

Please take up the job and prepare for your dream along with the job. It's a myth that one needs to prepare full-time. Have a short term and long term strategy for UPSC Civil services exam, take up your job and then give your best with fullest of confidence and peace of mind. Do not fall into this trap of skipping important things in life for UPSC. It is simply not worth it. From a mental make-up perspective, you will have greater chances of passing upsc civil services exam if you will derive immense confidence from your job and other aspects of life.

PS, being financially stable is equally important. Marriage, parents retirement, younger siblings studies, unforeseen health consequences etc may knock on the door in adult life at unexpected times. Financial stability will give you the mental cushioning required to persevere for your dreams. 

Take up the job. 

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