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[Community Initiative] Thread for Posting Performance Sheet.

Post your performance sheet of SFG 2.0 in this thread,It is to  track our own mistakes and also to compare our mistakes with others.

Rationale behind continuing with same thread

  • it becomes a good repository for longtime.
  • Creating new threads making confusion in forum.
  • Back then during discuss platform oldies used single thread so we will do it in old way.
  • The previous work motivates some to participate.

People who wants/interested in comparing their performance with others can use the following sheet to update their score (although forumias academy is doing,this is community led one).


  • Pls don't use this thread for discussing anything.
  • Only use it,for uploading ur performance sheet(dont just upload score,pls do upload ur mistakes n if possible add a "y")(u can take reference from others previous work).


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1. Ind: FAIR (antiproton) @ Germany; Square Km array (1st galaxies) @ SA/Aus [Kagra (gwaves) @ Japan] 

2. DST's Inspire: award/fellowship/faculty based on academic results (Inspire Manak: kids)

3.  Li-Sulphur stores more energy than Li-ion

4. asteroid b/w mars and Jupiter (negligence)

5. Forest Plus 2.0: 5 yrs

6. permafrost: frozen for 2 yrs

7. forest cover :Mizo (85%), AP (<80), Megh Manipur Naga [total: MP AP Chhattisgarh, Odisha Maha]

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1. Begumpura: Ravidas

2. Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA) is a Sec8 company: Technology Development Board, DST, CII

3.  Central Adoption Resource Authority statutory body u. MWCD (negligence)

4. BSVI introduces Real Driving Emission: measure vehicle’s emission in real-time 

5. FDI (galat mark kar diya :/ ) [govt route doesn't require informing RBI either before/after]

6. SUTRA PIC:   dept of Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development (SEED) + DBT, CSIR, AYUSH, ICMR

[Fully Accessible Route: NRIs buy G-sec;

BASEL-III implementation: 2023;

2020 EGoS: convener- DPIIT secy & ProjectDevCells u secy for investments

Insights lander: 1st to explore interior, upto core]

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