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Factoids for Prelims 2021


Ranyo Ashoka, Himalayan nettle, Denisovan - Who would have thought of such random questions?

Creating this thread with the sole purpose of sharing facts that can be relevant for Prelims. While there is always this thought, that there is no end to learning and mugging up facts, but if we observe closely - the options are not very close and elimination is easy. By pooling our resources here, if we give it one reading also, the probability of retaining it on the D day and eliminating options increases exponentially. 

I request the aspirants to actively contribute here and let's hope that we strike gold on 31st ;). 

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SATHI Initiative

Department of Science & Technology has launched a unique scheme called “Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutes (SATHI)

These Centres are expected to house major analytical instruments to provide common services of high-end analytical testing, thus avoiding duplication and reduced dependency on foreign sources. SATHI will address the problems of accessibility, maintenance, redundancy and duplication of expensive equipment in our Institutions.

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Mallakhamb, Kalaripayattu, Gatka and Thang-Ta are being supported under the vertical of ‘Promotion of Rural and Indigenous/Tribal Games’ under the Khelo India Scheme.

Mallakhamb: origin of Mallakhamb can be traced to the 12th century, where it is mentioned in Manas-Olhas - a classic by Chalukya in 1135 A.D. Modern historians attribute origin to Nashik, Maharastra. 

Kalaripayatu: Kerala

Gatka: Punjab

Thang - Ta: Manipur

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River Ujh is a major tributary of River Ravi. Ujh Multipurpose project being constructed in Kathua District of J&K.

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Lassa fever is a viral haemorrhagic disease caused by the Lassa virus. It’s transmitted through the urine and droppings of infected rats found in most tropical and subtropical countries in Africa. 

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Madhavpur Mela of Gujarat

Northern Eastern Region states will participate  during the Madhavpur Mela of Gujarat due to be held in the first week of April this year. The annual fair is held at Madhavpur Ghed in Porbandar district.

Madhavpur Mela of Gujarat shares its connect to the Mishmi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. The Mishmi Tribe traces its ancestry to the legendary King Bhishmak and through him to his daughter Rukmini and Lord Krishna. The festival celebrates the immortal journey which Rukmini undertook from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat with Lord Krishna.

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Thank you! @upsc2020 please sustain the enthu!

I am sure many questions will be from the threads you have been building on.

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Unemployment trap is a situation when unemployment benefits discourage the unemployed to go to work. People find the opportunity cost of going to work too high when one can simply enjoy the benefits by doing nothing.

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@upsc2020 You’re awesome :) Thanks for this thread.

Astrolabe was an astronomical device used widely in the Arab world (medieval ages) as an aid of navigation mainly to find the direction of Qibla- the direction of Mecca

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The Central Asian Flyway (CAF) covers a large continental area of Eurasia between the Arctic and Indian Oceans and the associated island chains. The Flyway comprises several important migration routes of waterbirds, most of which extend from the northernmost breeding grounds in the Russian Federation (Siberia) to the southernmost non-breeding (wintering) grounds in West and South Asia, the Maldives and the British Indian Ocean Territory.

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Betelgeuse varies in brightness because it’s a dying, red supergiant star with a diameter some 700 times larger than our sun.

Betelgeuse, marking Orion's top left shoulder, is often its brightest star. Red in color, this star is usually the 12th brightest in the entire sky. But it has recently dimmed dramatically to an all time low.

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1. Beagle Channel: where the waters of the South Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet.

2. Drake Passage: channel, connecting and separating the southernmost tip of South America to the northernmost reaches of the Antarctic Peninsula

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Rishi Order of Sufism

Sheikh Nooruddin Noorani, better known as Nund Rishi founded The Rishi order of Sufism in Kashmir. 

It coupled Hindu and Buddhist thoughts with the real spirit of Islam. For example, the Islamic word for divinity is ‘devo’ in his teachings; Allah is called ‘bhugi’ which is Kashmiri for ‘bhagwan'. Nund Rishi’s was one of the few indigenous Sufi Orders of India because other Orders were not born in India but in Persia. Even though rishis of Kashmir have some thoughts in common with the Chisti Order, Chistis were originally from Afghanistan.

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Aqaba process is an initaive of Jordan King for countering Extremism and radicalisation.

Gulf of Aqaba in northern tip of Red sea surrounded by Egypt, Israel,Jordan Saudi.

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Rani Avantibai Lodhi, queen of Ramgarh State (Madhya Pradesh) in central India, fought against the British during the 1857 War of Independence. Avantibai Lodhi was the queen of King Vikramaditya Singh of Ramgarh. When Vikramaditya Singh became incapable of handling the affairs of the State due to ill health, Avantibai Lodhi rose to the occasion and took charge of the administration. 

Narmada Valley Development Authority named the dam in Jabalpur district in the honour of freedom fighter Rani Avantibai Lodhi. The Rani Avanti Bai Lodhi Sagar (Bargi) project is major multipurpose project across river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh. 

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GST compensation cess is credited into a non-lapsable fund (GST compensation Fund) which is credited into the Public Account of India.

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Siddhantha Shikhamani is a religious scripture of the Panchacharyas tradition of Veerashaivas, also known as Lingayat

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Tangi is a social video sharing app from Area 120, Google’s workshop for experimental products. In which users will get to learn new things and they will also be able to share creative skills 

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Earliest epigraphic evidence and Sanskrit inscription in South India belongs to Saptamatrika cult. 

Saptamatrikas are a group of seven female deities worshipped in Hinduism as personifying the energy of their respective consorts. The inscription is in Sanskrit and in Brahmi characters and was issued by Satavahana king Vijaya in 207 A.D.

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@upsc2020 Fabulous thread. Appreciate your thought process. 

Article 142 (Ram Mandir waley) was also used in Taj Mahal Cleaning, Union Carbide, Freeing undertrials from jail, cancellation of coal blocks without proving guilty,Alcohol ban within the distance of 500m on NH and to find the issue of spot fixing in  IPL 2013

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