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[Results] Prelims 2020 Over - Gearing for 2021

Because of the corona virus issue? If it does not happen then worst affected will be people whose interview is stuck, around 600-700 such people I think are yet to appear for their interview.

@neyawn sir and others, what is your take?

This is the official Thread for discussion of Prelims Postponement, Please do not create new threads for the same.

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@HappyValley2020 I can relate to many things you said. I'm also an IITan. Cleared 5 Prelims and couldn't clear Mains yet. The depression and crisis is real.
My 2 cents: GET A JOB! Either an educational startup, coaching content curator, faculty, whatever you can lay your hands on. You have lost the luxury of preparing without a job. Anudeep Durishetty, Anu Kumari and many other stalwarts cleared the exam while they were working.
You can only prepare without a job for the first 1-2 attempts. After that, every attempt kills you a little bit. And unless you're financially, mentally, emotionally stable, you cannot give further attempts at peace. Trust me, everything will be fine. There is something called destiny. 

Cleared Pre This time Bhai?


To everyone who couldn't make it...this hurts really really bad...a sort of emptiness in mind, thoughts ...numbness in your hands...what went wrong, could've done that and many more such things but for how long..?

tried and tested method is just take few days off and just turn on the battle mode..

this is the time which decides your performance in mains or final selection to say precisely...if you waste this or keep moving ahead with regrets trust me similar situation awaits you....

Do the things you've never done before....Perform, Achieve, Perish like there's no tomorrow don't wait for the sun to start don't fear the darkness just few months more... make sure when it ends you don't have any regrets I repeat NO REGRETS...

It's easier said than done but try to remember your initial days when and how you started..why you started It's you who wanted this...?

At the end..



all the best đź‘Ť 

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@Percival anu Kumari mam wasn’t exactly in a job when she cleared upsc. However she did clear cgl with rank 35 in 2016. So she could have got a really good post. Maybe that’s the reason why she failed 2016 Pre. She is a total beast in terms of hard work. I can feel her when she talks. Terrific work ethic. Same goes for one more lady who cleared the exam. Poonam dalal mam, cleared cgl, teacher job, bank job. Anu mam made upsc seem easy in my opinion.

@VivekanandS it’s not tougher. It’s more competitive. Last last me 1-1 number pe 300-400 log hote hain. It’s not the cgl of 2011-2015 era anymore. 

This was my 5th attempt. I flunked this year. I am an IITian. Friends told me prepare for RBI SEBI more technical things which hv certainty., dont go for uncertain arts. I did not listen. I pursued. Wanted to solve crime and see people get justice.  Ah!! my idealism. Bloody Crime Patrol.  And here I am after 5 years, with no job, and Body mass index crossing all acceptable limits and tons of failures. Qualified pre every time but Never crossed mains barrier. People here are talking about Plan B. Brother, There is no energy left in me to pursue anything. Parents have given up hope and friends are expanding population. I am just lonely loser sitting in this one empty room.
People try to cheer me up by saying I am an inspiration for them. I know what they mean. They mean to say "Look look!!  that what happens when you get overambitious." Pair utni failao jitni chadar ho jisko samajh nahi aata uska iss larke jaisa halat hota hai.  
I will probably not come again ever on social media bcz then I start comparing myself . So before my last adieu I want to speak my mind. Also bcz no one knows me here and their judgement will not affect me , I am taking this route. Otherwise in real world No matter what I say , I will be judged. No one will listen ki "Maine har saal mehnat kiya tha , har saal nind sacrifice kii thi, har baar evalute and re-evaluate kiya, har saal fight kiya". No one will believe. Infact my father doesnt believe in my efforts What can I say about others. All will say You did not give your best effort. You know what, the pain of failure doesn't hurt that much. What hurts most is that people do not acknowledge your sacrifices. Power of specs has increased, face has become like a squeezed tomato , male pattern baldness has set in, social circle is non-existent since 5 years. No one even recognizes it. 
And to top it, Coaching teachers have some hurtful comments. One teacher says, one who doesnt qualify is definitely not preparing and wasting his time, Second teacher says if u do not get single-double digit rank then ur efforts were useless , u shud have joined a PSU instead. Third teacher says, if u are not in till 4th attempt then quit and do something else- tumse na ho paega -its beyond your caliber.   I Hear these insults and humiliations on daily basis. But still I push myself. Manate hain dil ko , push karte hain khud ko. But no one will see it, All are going to say " 5 years since college and no jobs, Nalayak larka hai. useless kid. ". 
I cant even remember when was the last time I went on a vacation. I cant even imagine What is the feeling of being stress free, the feeling of being relaxed, feeling of security. 
I used to believe in God. But now I think if it existed then atleast once in these years it would have heard my prayers. People say God helps those who help themselves. They say as if I was swiping faces on tinder all these years. 
 Sometimes I think of quitting and reducing my carbon footprint once and for all. It will be less painful than daily dose of pain I bear. 
I dont even know why I am posting this on social media. Maybe I am looking for one teeny tiny ray of hope. Maybe some enlightened soul can help. Maybe I want to live and enjoy like others so I am writing all my ramblings. But there seems no hope. I am living example of demographic disaster. God please help me. I wish I had someone to talk to. 

Buddy, I belive, most of the members of this community will understand with what you are going through. Always I believe, pain is a personal thing, and only one who goes through tough phase can understand what it means to be in the darkest phase of life. Take care of yourself. World is full of pathetic people who will always try to push you down for SELFISH needs. And to exist we have to fight back. I can understand you have given whatever you could, and now lost everything. Don't criticize yourself. If not others, it is you, who have to LOVE yourself. Re-start again for something which you belive can make you grow. I belive even if you are at snails pace, it is all okay. The world is here to stay and so you are here to stay. If you are slow, it's okay. Take each day as a beautiful gift of life. If not CSE, try something exciting. Try your hobbies. If you like drawing, try painting. If you like writing, try blogging. If you want to expand your knowledge, go for higher education, etc. Whatever suits your conditions, go for it. Life is beautiful! What has happened, it has happened. Leave the shits in the past, and start afresh this Dussehra, killing all the demons of the past. And March again. Think from 2050 AD. Be optimistic. That's all we have in us. I know what it feels to be lonely and alone. You can write to me: legendaryab.cse@gmail.com I will be there to listen your story!. :)

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@VivekanandS yes man. Let's see what this attempt holds. 

@Capedcrusader1 yes exactly. And even Nandini Maharaj was an educator at Unacademy. Koyi bhi productive kaam mein lag jaana hain.

@HappyValley2020 Man just look beyond ur 4 circles and cm out of ths IITian hangover!Tht time ur luck with sm hardwrk clicked smtimes it doesnt nothing unsual abt ths!!aftr all wee ll r normal humans and xcpt .001% all hav same brains,its nly opp (coaching,money)tht enables us clear thrugh,rest in society u can blabber nything.u ill feel good.

@VivekanandS it’s not tougher. It’s more competitive. Last last me 1-1 number pe 300-400 log hote hain. It’s not the cgl of 2011-2015 era anymore. 

Yes Got it! Should aim for SSC or SEBI/RBI Grade B?

Which one is easier to do?


Achha bhailog ek suggestion chaiye..

State PCS vs Maharatna PSU ?? 

Already got two promotions in the psu, 10 years experience. State service ka exam dena theek rahega ? Ya chup chaap job pe dhyan dun ?? 

Attempts exhausted for upsc.

As someone, who wrote six consecutive prelims since 2015, year when g's alone became deciding factor, I can say prelims was on expected lines atleast till 2017, year in which transition towards unexpected questions started. Then on the work you put towards might had not translate to favourable outcome unless your are bit lucky as well after all the hard work..so if this trend were  to continue in future, its better to not put all eggs in single basket atleast till prelims stage.So guys my sincere unsolicited suggestion is not to risk more than 2 years without job in this field guys. If with 2 attempts it can't be done, then get some private or govt job and parallelly prepare..this is my last message on forum and good bye to all
Is SSC CGL tougher than UPSC to crack? I am willing to target it to land up a job!

Nowadays these exams are actually more difficult than CSE.

@skandagupta no they aren’t difficult. Can’t generalize.

@VivekanandS cgl anyday. I hope you’re asking about toughness level specifically.


General category (Delhi)

2018--first attempt gave interview but couldn't figure in merit list.

2019--failed prelims.

2020--failed prelims.

Now looking for some serious aspirants with Anthropology optional to write , review and stay motivated..Inbox,if anyone interested..

@skandagupta no they aren’t difficult. Can’t generalize.

They are easy in terms of syllabus and level but extremely difficult in terms of competititon now. PS Cleared a NIP in 2015 with 0 study in cgl but wouldn't even clear prelims if I have to give it now cutoffs have gone from 100s to 160s for general category!Also other exams like RBI have an even lower selectio ratio near 0.13% statistically more difficult than CSE which is slightly better due to 10x seats and only 3x applicants only.

@Percival I don’t know who she is. But if there is someone I highly admire as a flag bearer of hard work can break walls attitude , it’s anu Kumari mam.

@skandagupta I don’t do statistics bro.you shouldn’t either if you vying for cse . But it’s not right to turn someone away from what may actually be a safe option for someone. I know cgl exam. It’s doable. A few bad experiences doesn’t mean it’s bad for all. Ppl give it. I know it. They don’t accept it. That also I know why. But it’s nit tough. Some months hard work you’re done with a stable job. So I won’t misguide him. 

@skandagupta I don’t do statistics bro.you shouldn’t either if you vying for cse . But it’s not right to turn someone away from what may actually be a safe option for someone. I know cgl exam. It’s doable. A few bad experiences doesn’t mean it’s bad for all. Ppl give it. I know it. They don’t accept it. That also I know why. But it’s nit tough. Some months hard work you’re done with a stable job. So I won’t misguide him. 

Only the top 2 3 posts in CGL are good rest are pure garbage. Better to work as content creator in some CSE coaching and study in parallel or give CAT/MBA exams as second backup whilst remaining financially active. SSC CGL requires immense prep nowadays gone are the days of simply filling up the form and getting selected. Been there done that!

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@skandagupta yea ?content creator vs Cag auditor? Ofcourse content creator.!
content creator vs excise inspector. Ofcourse content creator. Because I need an excuse to not work hard and also I’ve taken it on my ego to not give the exam. Fair enough. Each to his own. You might wanna see this year’s rank 1. Anyway I agree with your points. But you can be a content creator and a coaching teacher after 30 also right? 

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