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[Results] Prelims 2020 Over - Gearing for 2021

Because of the corona virus issue? If it does not happen then worst affected will be people whose interview is stuck, around 600-700 such people I think are yet to appear for their interview.

@neyawn sir and others, what is your take?

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rbi or sebi are good jobs. I guess they are more reputed than even ssc cgl top jobs. 
That was not the point. Which one is better? Rbi vs sebi vs cgl. A person needed to know which exam should he give to get a JOB first. He also mentioned what TOUGHNESS level is of cgl. I answered that question.

@Raillife @ArchAngel96 not alone

This was my 5th attempt. I flunked this year. I am an IITian. Friends told me prepare for RBI SEBI more technical things which hv certainty., dont go for uncertain arts. I did not listen. I pursued. Wanted to solve crime and see people get justice.  Ah!! my idealism. Bloody Crime Patrol.  And here I am after 5 years, with no job, and Body mass index crossing all acceptable limits and tons of failures. Qualified pre every time but Never crossed mains barrier. People here are talking about Plan B. Brother, There is no energy left in me to pursue anything. Parents have given up hope and friends are expanding population. I am just lonely loser sitting in this one empty room.
People try to cheer me up by saying I am an inspiration for them. I know what they mean. They mean to say "Look look!!  that what happens when you get overambitious." Pair utni failao jitni chadar ho jisko samajh nahi aata uska iss larke jaisa halat hota hai.  
I will probably not come again ever on social media bcz then I start comparing myself . So before my last adieu I want to speak my mind. Also bcz no one knows me here and their judgement will not affect me , I am taking this route. Otherwise in real world No matter what I say , I will be judged. No one will listen ki "Maine har saal mehnat kiya tha , har saal nind sacrifice kii thi, har baar evalute and re-evaluate kiya, har saal fight kiya". No one will believe. Infact my father doesnt believe in my efforts What can I say about others. All will say You did not give your best effort. You know what, the pain of failure doesn't hurt that much. What hurts most is that people do not acknowledge your sacrifices. Power of specs has increased, face has become like a squeezed tomato , male pattern baldness has set in, social circle is non-existent since 5 years. No one even recognizes it. 
And to top it, Coaching teachers have some hurtful comments. One teacher says, one who doesnt qualify is definitely not preparing and wasting his time, Second teacher says if u do not get single-double digit rank then ur efforts were useless , u shud have joined a PSU instead. Third teacher says, if u are not in till 4th attempt then quit and do something else- tumse na ho paega -its beyond your caliber.   I Hear these insults and humiliations on daily basis. But still I push myself. Manate hain dil ko , push karte hain khud ko. But no one will see it, All are going to say " 5 years since college and no jobs, Nalayak larka hai. useless kid. ". 
I cant even remember when was the last time I went on a vacation. I cant even imagine What is the feeling of being stress free, the feeling of being relaxed, feeling of security. 
I used to believe in God. But now I think if it existed then atleast once in these years it would have heard my prayers. People say God helps those who help themselves. They say as if I was swiping faces on tinder all these years. 
 Sometimes I think of quitting and reducing my carbon footprint once and for all. It will be less painful than daily dose of pain I bear. 
I dont even know why I am posting this on social media. Maybe I am looking for one teeny tiny ray of hope. Maybe some enlightened soul can help. Maybe I want to live and enjoy like others so I am writing all my ramblings. But there seems no hope. I am living example of demographic disaster. God please help me. I wish I had someone to talk to. 

Dear @forumiasacademy  

You guys are better placed to reach out to our valuable friend @HappyValley2020 .

So many responses show that not only many among us feel what our friend must be feeling but are also eager to listen to him and help

However the anonymity here restricts us. Many here have already written telling our friend he is not alone in this and many here share a bit or more of his thoughts.

You guys must be having his contact no. mail etc.

I request you to contact him and if he is in Delhi then invite him and ask someone from your side to meet him in person

In our selfoccupied lives we tend to ignore such small things but they do matter

Afterall it is the kindness of our family and friends- many of them being strangers- that brings joy to us.

@Neyawn @root

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Achha bhailog ek suggestion chaiye..

State PCS vs Maharatna PSU ?? 

Already got two promotions in the psu, 10 years experience. State service ka exam dena theek rahega ? Ya chup chaap job pe dhyan dun ?? 

Attempts exhausted for upsc.

Agar psu me managerial ya koi doosri achhi khaasi profile me h to chup chaap uspe hi dhyaan dijiye. Waise bhi i suppose you are near or above 30 given that there is no attempt left.

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Achha bhailog ek suggestion chaiye..

State PCS vs Maharatna PSU ?? 

Already got two promotions in the psu, 10 years experience. State service ka exam dena theek rahega ? Ya chup chaap job pe dhyan dun ?? 

Attempts exhausted for upsc.


Guddu bhaiya,
kaun sa better test series hai doston, mains ke liye. need to join by tomorrow. already too late it feels.
That was not the point. Which one is better? Rbi vs sebi vs cgl. A person needed to know which exam should he give to get a JOB first. He also mentioned what TOUGHNESS level is of cgl. I answered that question.

True That..


To all my friends who didn’t clear prelims this time :

1. Take a break of 3 -4 days or maybe a week.

2. Don’t be hard on yourself , watch a movie / television series ( Mirzapur Season 2 is out )

3. A common mistake all aspirants do after failing prelims is that they again start studying for prelims . Don’t do that.

4. It is the right time to study for mains - complete the mains test series whichever you have joined( don’t sell it rather prepare and give each test) , add and increase your content , every Sunday write an essay , do complete GS4 , complete the static portion of GS - post independence , study world history ( Hitler will be responsible for World War 2 next year also ) , keep writing answers - TLP / SECURE INITIATIVE/ AWFG whichever you prefer.

5. Do complete optional - entire paper 1 should be written in your own hands , make short notes of everything you study .

6. Right time for prelims prep will start from January 2021 - joins any test series / SFG , study the ncerts , give the test and make notes from it , don’t neglect previous years paper .

Till then keep studying for mains , prepare well , talk to your parents , every evening go for a long walk , wake up early in the morning if possible then at 4a.m. , do some meditation , take care of your health.

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Was getting 96.66 from vision

EWS CLeared

Anyone with  commerce optional


Just out of context question.. 

Does anyone know what are the current market rate that reputed coachings provide for  per UPSC PRELIMS QUESTION PAPER (100mcq's paper) ?


Is there any dedicated group for EPFO/AO paper to held next year on 9th may?

Any TG group or Forum group

@AureliusM In csat, net 46 questions are correct. So, that's not the problem. I will write to UPSC but I don't think they will consider.

@skandagupta bhai quality of applicants matter most. In RLWY GRP D I remember 1 crore applied for few thousand seats in 2015. In CSE there r  Top quality students from each and every field (doctor,IIT, IIM etc etc) . In CGL also there is a dedicated lot preparing day and night for posts like Income tax inspector etc etc but still I feel if someone has strong grip over Maths and he is regularly reading TH then he can very well qualify CGL and PO (one of my friend with 2 backlogs in his core subjects, didn't got placements also, used to say the moment I will clear my all backs I will become PO- Yes he indeed cracked Bank PO exam without much effort,just solved 30-40 mocks ; Because his grip over APTITUDE Maths was very strong). My Maths is very terrible but I have seen students from NIT IIT do have good command over basic mathematics (10th level)


Hello All! I saw people talking about CGL and other exams. So I thought sharing my experience as well. 

I graduated in 2018 from a university in my city( b tech. Decent college.  Not Tier 1 though. Gold medalist in civil engg). Started my prep for CSE 2019. Filled the form for SSC CGL 2018 in July 2018. And then filled the form for IBPS PO 2018 as well. Gave IBPS PO pre in October  2018. Cleared it. Gave Mains in November 2018  cleared it as well. Main focus was CSE 2019. Interview in Feb 2019 and final result in april 2019.i got PNB. 

Gave CSE 2019 pre . Couldnt clear it.(i was getting in 80s from key. So knew no chance). I had my CGL 2018 Tier 1 exam after 2 weeks. Gave the exam. Cleared it. Got the joining letter from bank in june 2019. Dilemma because bank jobs have got a  lot of work nowadays. Will I be able to prepare for CSE? Decided not to join and sit at home for another year. Gave CGL 2018 tier 2 in October. Cleared it as well. In december 2019 gave CGL tier 3 and uppsc 2019 pre. Couldnt clear pre uppsc. 

Now fast forward Corona 2020. Got SSC Cgl tier 3 result fewdays before UPSC pre. Cleared it. And this year FINALLY clearing UPSC pre as well. Now I have a tier 4 exam of CGL around december. ( computer proficiency test) i have a good score (644/ 700. Expecting double digit rank). Didnt gave uPpsc pre this year becuase knew very well... that I cant clear that exam.. so factual.  


1. Dont get bogged down by the sheer number of candidates in these exams. 

2. I am quite good in solving Aptitude questions. Didnt give more than two weeks for any tier of these exams. UPSC prep helped cover the GK a bit though questions asked there are different but little concurrency is there. 

3. A backup plan always keep your nerves calm. ( filled JAM form as well this year for MSc Maths. My optional is maths.)

4. SSC people are damn slow. Took nine months for just my tier  3 result. Whereas banking exams are fast. Prep appriach for both are different. Bt they are definitely lot more predictable than UPSC pre.

5. Hang in there! I dont have a lot of experience compared to people here. But I knw how it feels to be depressed. Have faced it in the past two years. Feels like you are dead from inside. Nothing pleases you. I Know! But you have to KEEP GOING. 

Over and  out. 🙂🙂

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Is it worth joining core batch of insights.  Anyone having experience please throw light. 
forming a team of 3 online for cse 2021.planning to start with ethics completion in 3 weeks.only serious aspirants contact me on premchand253@gmail in 24 hrs.if found satisfactory wiil join in room in january.psir optional are preferred
@Chuatur_ Prani what can be cut off according to you? just asking :)

@peterparker you said you cracked ibps and cgl both in same year. You were good in Apti clearly. Something tells me the prep wasn’t from 2018 but from 1-2 years back when you decided to write CAT( which is 10 times tougher than Ibps and fulfills cgl demand too). Because most of the engg ppl I know have done this. Rather than choosing their engg field they change to CAT line from beginning. Am I right in my assessment. Your college probably was an NIT? Not all NiTs are tier 1 and give ample of time to do your thing. Am just asking to get the full picture here.

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