[Results] Prelims 2020 Over - Gearing for 2021 - ForumIAS

[Results] Prelims 2020 Over - Gearing for 2021

Because of the corona virus issue? If it does not happen then worst affected will be people whose interview is stuck, around 600-700 such people I think are yet to appear for their interview.

@neyawn sir and others, what is your take?

This is the official Thread for discussion of Prelims Postponement, Please do not create new threads for the same.

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@Qwertie Yes. It is available - https://www.upsc.gov.in/sites/default/files/WR-CSP-20-NameList-Engl-261020.pdf

I realized that I filled my mother name wrong during Prelims form. What to do?

Bahut negative stories since last 10 days....Ham sab jarur kaamyaab honge bhaai...Be positive ...Today I saw result of HIGHCOURT RO (4800 scale group B)...MOST OF THOSE SELECTED WERE 29-30-33 age(all general category) etc etc etc.. BEROJGARI BAHUT HAI.. ...WAITING LIST LAMBI HAI..... bas one s suggestion ÷ Take state PCS ,RO/ARO exams very seriously. EVEN IF U HAVE TO TAKE 1 YEAR BREAK FROM UPSC preparation for state PCS preparation do take it but Make solid grip on ALL GHATNA CHAKRA, PAST PAPERS OF UPPSC/BPSC etc....If someone is good at aptitude then he must try sincerely for SEBI RBI CGL etc also


Preparing for UPSC has become such a part of me, that every now and then I think making a strategy afresh and start preparing.

Then the reality strikes, that I've exhausted all my attempts 😐

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Preparing for UPSC has become such a part of me, that every now and then I think making a strategy afresh and start preparing.

Then the reality strikes, that I've exhausted all my attempts 😐

टूटे हुए सपनों की सुनेकौनसिसकी
अन्तर की चीर व्यथा पलको पर ठिठकी
हार नहीं मानूँगा,
रार नई ठानूँगा,
काल के कपाल पे लिखता मिटाता हूँ
गीत नया गाता हूँ....
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Guys I want to share the cost of  mk yadav qep course , interested students ping me

Anyone having Subhra Ranjan PSIR crash course 2019 or 2020?

And Subhra Ranjan PSIR test series solutions?



The last para aptly describes it:

This trajectory has a considerable lesson to offer. To begin with, it shows how modernity in India has not brought an adequate appreciation of the different roles a society needs to run itself well. Children and adults share the feeling that one or two roles are more important than all others. From childhood onwards, one learns this lesson both directly, from parents and teachers, and also indirectly, from socialisation. The chief guest culture, widely prevalent in schools, reinforces the significance of becoming an important person. The person invited as chief guest is often either a civil servant or a politician.

A ‘syndrome’
Not only schools, even community functions organised on religious festivals are similarly adorned. If the organisers cannot get hold of someone in service or politics at present, they go for someone retired. By the time they are in secondary grades, children absorb the message that a worthwhile life can only be led by gaining public importance. Many children begin to feel that their best chance to make their parents happy is by doing things that bring fame and importance. For doing this, there are more choices today, but the range continues to be narrow and the preferred ones are those with the biggest crowd at the entry. The lure of competitive tests like the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) throws light on this cultural phenomenon.

The civil services remain a big draw as the vast clientele of commercial coaching demonstrates. Probability of success is understandably low, and that is precisely what drives the coaching industry to ever increasing rates of growth and fee. It is only after failing to make it into the highest civil services that students look towards other avenues. The same is true of tests in engineering and medicine. It is only after failing to get into these professions that the young consider pursuing a career in other areas. The experience of failure leaves its psychological scab on many young minds. They continue to feel, for a long time, that they could have ‘become’ someone important. A touching story in this genre is of a schoolteacher who never went back to meet his favourite teacher. He said, ‘How could I tell my teacher that I could only become a teacher?’

As a society, we obviously pay a high price for maintaining this syndrome. If only an IAS or a political leader is perceived as having the capacity to ‘do something’, the rest can only carry out inconsequential routines. And what is that ‘something’? It is a socially shared mystery

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Can anyone suggest how to go about CSAT. I am extremely weak in it and have failed in it. Should I join classes?
@Sk123 if you’re weak in quants, I think rs Agarwal book. More than enough. In LR, no one can teach it. Just solve mocks. But know the basics of Venn diagram, Syllogs, seating arrangement. I did coaching so can’t give a book name for this part. For RC, even after coaching, I leave “assumption” questions. But inference questions are easy. I was weak in it too. Csat is tough. Take coaching ifneed be. I was surely benefited. 

@Capedcrusader1 where did you take classes, if you can help

@Sk123 vajiram. They were good as far as csat was concerned 

@Capedcrusader1 thank you so much

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