Q. “Sargent plan” during British period in India is related to which of the following?

[A] Education

[B] Finance

[C] Partition

[D] Railways

Answer: A

The goal of the Sargent plan was the reorganization of the entire education system of India. The commission under the chairmanship of the John Sargent submitted its report to the Central Advisory Board of Education CABE in (1944).This scheme of post war educational development was mainly focused on the quality enhancement of higher education (ie. university system). 


  • Pre-primary basic school for 3-6 years age group. 
  • Compulsory and free education for 6-14 year age group. 
  • High school education of two types – Academic & Technical and Vocational. 
  • Refresher courses for teachers and better salary for them. 
  • Abolition of intermediate courses. 
  • Standard of the universities must be raised. 
  • Admission should be restricted so only the capable students can go for the higher education. 

Source: Spectrum