Download: UPSC PYQ | Previous Years Question Papers for Prelims & Mains

UPSC PYQ or UPSC Previous Year Question Papers are the first place a person should look, if She/he is preparing for the Civil Services Examination. On this page, we have listed the UPSC PYQ for Prelims, and Mains Examinations. The list of Previous Year’s Question Papers are given below.

This page specifically contains all PYQs from the year 2012. It was the same year when UPSC introduced drastic syllabus changes. Analysing these questions papers, which is around of 12 years, can give you a better idea of the expectations of UPSC. In fact, we have not only provided the previous year’s UPSC Questions Papers for General Studies, but we have also provided previous years’ UPSC question Papers for Essay as well as Previous Year’s Question Paper of UPSC Optional.

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UPSC PYQ Prelims | UPSC Previous year Question papers

UPSC Prelims Official Answer Keys



UPSC PYQ Optional

Why do i need UPSC Prelims PYQs or Previous year papers?

The Preliminary exam is the first hurdle in the UPSC journey. Practicing with UPSC PYQ for Prelims helps you:

  • Familiarize yourself with the objective type questions.
  • Identify high-yield topics that are frequently tested.
  • Improve your accuracy and speed by practicing under exam-like conditions.
  • Analyze the weightage given to different subjects over the years.

How should i use UPSC Prelims PYQ?

  1. Regular Practice: Solve at least one previous year’s paper every week.
  2. Timely Revision: Revisit questions and topics where you made mistakes.
  3. Mock Tests: Integrate PYQs into your mock test practice to simulate the real exam environment.

Why do i need UPSC Mains PYQ?

The Mains examination tests your analytical and writing skills. Utilizing UPSC PYQ Mains effectively can:

  • Enhance your answer writing skills by understanding the expectations of the examiners.
  • Help you grasp the structure and format of high-scoring answers.
  • Aid in identifying trends in essay topics and optional subjects.
  • Provide insight into how to interlink static and dynamic portions of the syllabus.

How should i use UPSC Mains PYQs?

  1. Answer Writing Practice: Regularly write answers to previous years’ questions to build confidence and improve articulation.
  2. Peer Review: Exchange answers with peers to gain different perspectives and constructive feedback.
  3. Time Management: Practice writing full-length answers within the allotted time to manage exam pressure effectively.

Incorporating UPSC PYQ into your study plan is a strategic move that can significantly boost your chances of success. For Prelims, they sharpen your objective solving skills and for Mains, they hone your answer writing abilities. Make UPSC Prelims PYQ and UPSC Mains PYQ, a central part of your preparation strategy to navigate the complexities of the UPSC exam with confidence and precision.

By consistently practicing and analyzing these previous years’ questions, you will be better equipped to tackle the UPSC examination and move one step closer to achieving your goal of becoming a civil servant.

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