Q. The “Ananthsayanam Ayyangar Committee, Justice Venkatchaliah Commission, Balkrishna Sidke Renke and Idate Commission” related to which of the following?

[A] De-notified tribes

[B] Education

[C] Primary health

[D] Rural women empowerment

Answer: A

The committees/commissions related to De-notified/criminal tribes. 

  • The Ananthsayanam Ayyangar Committee (gave a comprehensive report on how CTA worked throughout India), the CTA was repealed in August 1949 and former “criminal tribes” were de-notified in 1952, when the Act was replaced with the Habitual Offenders Act, 1952 of Government of India. 
  • In 2002, Justice Venkatchaliah Commission recommended for strengthening the programmes for economic and educational development of De-Notified Tribes (DNTs). 
  • National Commission for De-notified Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes was constituted in 2005 under the chairmanship of Balkrishna Sidke Renke, to study the socio-economic conditions of these groups. 
  • Another National Commission for De-notified Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes chaired by Bhiku Ramji Idate was constituted in 2015 for a three-year period. It submitted its report viz “Voices of the Denotified, Nomadic & SemiNomadic Tribes” in 2018. 

Source: The Hindu