Q. The “Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary” is recently seen in news is located at?

[A] Tamil Nadu

[B] .Kerala

[C] Karnataka

[D] .Andhra Pradesh

Answer: D

Explanation: Coringa Sanctuary is at a distance of about 15 Km from Kakinada on Kakinada Yanam Road.

  • Coringa Sanctuary, named after a tiny village coringa in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh a part of Godavari Mangroves was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh vide G.O.Ms.No – 484, Forests and Rural Development (For.III) Department dated 5-7-1978 was to conserve the mangrove vegetation of the estuary, extending in an area of about 235.Sq.Kms.
  • It is located between 16o-30′ to 17o-00′ N latitudes and 82o-14′ to 82o-23’E longitudes.
  • Mangroves are salt– tolerent forest ecosystems of tropical and sub – tropical intertidal regions of the world.
  • They normally occur between high waterlevel and near about mean sea level along the sheltered shores, estuaries, tidal creeks, back-waters, lagoons, marshes and mudflats.

Source: https://eastgodavari.ap.gov.in/tourist-place/coringa-sanctuary/