[IMPORTANT UPDATE] Current Affairs Classes for Prelims 2024

Dear Friends,

The Current Affairs Classes for Prelims 2024 will start from 27th February 2024(Tuesday). The classes can be attended in either OFFLINE or ONLINE Mode.Students currently in online mode have a choice to move to offline mode and vice versa. The student can indicate their choice of mode by filling up the form.Access the form here: Migration FormThe students who opt to shift from online to offline are requested to report to the class by 10:45 AM on 27th February 2024.Students currently in offline mode and are in 11 AM batch will be allowed only in 11 AM batch.Additionally, currently offline students in 5 PM batch who wish to attend classes at 11 AM can do so by filling up the form.Please Note: Mode once opted is valid for PHASE 2 of Current Affair Classes and will not be reversed during the current phase of the Current Affair Classes.

Your team


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