Code of Conduct for SFG Students in the Offline/Online Mode

The below summarises how the SFG works and has worked in the past , and enumerates the code of conduct for SFG Students in the offline mode.

  1. Tests will commence in Online and Offline Mode without fail at 7AM. Candidates are expected to report to the venue at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the Test. They must be seated in their position 5 minutes before 7AM.
  2. We do not encourage candidates who are late, and rush in, disturbing other candidates. In case you are late by 5 minutes, there will be a penalty marks of -2. In case you are late by 10 minutes, you will be awarded penalty marks of -5. If you report to the venue 15 minutes after the test commencement, under no circumstance will you be allowed to write the Test.
  3. You must follow the guidelines provided at the Test Center for the smooth conduct of the Program
  4. In case a student is found misbehaving with the staff, they will be expelled from the program without any refund of fees whatsoever. The management’s decision will be final in this case.
  5. Candidates who will be joining SFG / RLG in offline mode after the entrance Test must stick to offline mode of Test Taking only. Under no circumstance will they be allowed to migrate to online mode. Similarly candidates writing the Test online will not be allowed to write the Test in offline mode under any circumstance.
  6. In an exceptional situation where a genuine need for the same exists, candidates will be required to pay the full fee for the month for online mode or offline mode for such migration. This can be only done once. This program offers no flexibility. This is done to avoids the situation where candidates join in offline mode and start taking Tests in online mode for the purpose of using unfair means.
  7. Please Note the SFG is a monthly subscription based study program where fees cannot be paid for both months at one go. Students who do not qualify for second month, or do not subscribe for second month, will be removed from the complete program. Thus they will also lose access to the first month test papers.
  8. Students attending SFG/RLG in offline mode can only appear at the test centre provided by ForumIAS Academy. If they do not write the test at the designated test centre as provided by ForumIAS Academy, their results will not be published, and no refunds will be granted on the grounds that a student appeared for the test at a centre not assigned to them.
  9. For students opting for offline mode sfg, incase any government directives to stop offline mode in any city – Delhi/ Hyderabad / Patna, we will shift you to online mode and there will be no refund on grounds that you wanted to take the program in offline mode only.

Terms & Conditions for Students opting for SFG & RLG

  • This course is a set of Test Papers being provided on a good faith basis and is not a Test Series or a service by ForumIAS. There will be no refund for fees paid.
  • This course rewards and eliminates candidates for non-performance and absence from program. This has to be taken in the right spirit for the overall successful conduction of the program.
  • Question Papers are not allowed to be shared with other candidates after the Test. If any candidate is found helping candidates inside or outside the examination hall, his candidature for the rest of the program will be canceled without warning.
  • The shared cost of the program will be borne by you (40%)  and ForumIAS ( 60%). The amount paid by you will depend upon which group you belong to at the end of every four weeks. The management decision will be final.
  • This program provides for 1-2 days of leisure – Saturday- Sunday or any other days to all candidates. This can be used for revision, preparation for next week and doing any work that you would otherwise do in the weekdays. At no cost a weekday must be wasted by you for socializing and other works. You are not unemployed , you have decided not to work and prepare for the exam. There is a difference.
  • Candidates who do not write the Test on designated day and time will be awarded 0 marks. Question Paper for late or later attempting will not be allowed. There is no flexibility in this program. Flexibility kills discipline.
  • Candidates are prohibited from sharing question papers on any social media/ app or on ForumIAS website. Answer keys and Solutions will be uploaded in online mode in PDF format only. No print outs will be given for Answer Key or Solution.
  • You are expected to be seated 10 minutes before the commencement of the Test. If you are late, you will have negative marks  of -2 ( upto 5 Minutes )  and -5  ( More than 5 minutes ) for that too. This is because, once the test starts, you disturb the peace of the class by entering late.
  • You will not be allowed to write the Test if you are late by more than fifteen minutes.
  • Tests will commence at 7AM. Everyday.
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