Commerce dept seeks ₹6k crore for ‘Districts as Export Hub’

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What is the News?

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade(DGFT) has sought 6,000 crores from the Finance Ministry for its proposed Districts as Export Hubs scheme.

What is the “Districts as Export Hubs Scheme”?

Nodal Ministry: Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Type: Centrally Sponsored Scheme.

Part of: The Scheme will be part of the new Foreign Trade Policy(FTP).

Aim: To help producers across 200 districts scale up manufacturing and find foreign buyers for their goods.

Implementing Body: Directorate General of Foreign Trade(DGFT).

Under the scheme, District Export Promotion Committees(DEPCs) have been constituted in most of the districts and products and services with export potential have been identified in each district.

Source:  The post is based on the article Commerce dept seeks  ₹6k crore for ‘Districts as Export Hub’published in Livemint on 3rd May 2022.

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