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How to apply for the IAS Examination?

UPSC Civil Services Exam is conducted annually. You can apply in the exam by visiting the Official Website of UPSC.

Apply online at this website:- http://www.upsconline.nic.in

Candidates will be required to complete the Online Application Form containing two  stages, that is Part-I and Part-II as per the instructions.

The candidates are required to pay a fee of Rs.100/- Rupees One Hundred only) [excepting SC/ST/ Female/Physically Handicapped candidates who are exempted from payment of fee].

How to prepare for the Prelims Examination?

Read the Article by Surbendu Thakur (Allied Services) on Prelims Preparation: Click Here

Another Link: Click Here

How to prepare for the Mains Examination?

Please go through the following links:

Link-1 | Link-2 | Link-3

Can one clear UPSC along with a job?

People have cleared the exam along with jobs earlier. There is no reason why you can’t do it! Time management is the key.

How many hours should one study daily?

There are no hard and fast rules. But, ideally 6-8 hours of consistent effort is required on a daily basis. Sleep is equally important.

Can I prepare from my home? If yes, how can I do it?

Yes, definitely you can. Many toppers have prepared from their homes. You need to go through all basic books, and keep revising them. Daily newspaper reading is very important. Apart from that, participate in Mains Marathon Initiative. Answer writing practice is very important. Take as many mock tests as possible, and analyze them.

Is luck an important factor in this exam?

To be honest, yes! Luck is an important factor. But, you have no control over it. Because, it is random. But, what you can do is- work hard. Hard work and consistency is under your control. The more you work hard, the more luckier you get.

I get nervous and stressed most of the times. Is this normal?

It is perfectly normal! Not getting nervous and stressed out is not normal . But, remember not to let it get the best of you.

How to write a good Essay?

Read this Article to handle the Essay Paper for UPSC Mains.

How to prepare for the Civil Services Interview?

Please go through our Interview Page.

Articles on Interview Preparation: Link-1 | Link-2

What books will I need to clear Civil Services Exam?

For Prelims: Click Here

For Mains: Click Here

Which Newspaper to Read?

You can go for The Hindu or The Indian Express, especially the editorial section.

Is making notes important?

It is a subjective question. Depends on person-to-person. It is advisable to maintain some notes for quick revision before exam though.

I want to go through the UPSC syllabus. Where can I find it?

It is there in the UPSC website. Else, visit here/here.

Where can I find Previous Year Question Papers of UPSC?

Find them Here.

Is Answer Writing Practice important?

Writing practice is definitely beneficial for mains. You can participate in Mains Marathon, and ask other members to review your answers.

What online initiatives does ForumIAS run to help aspirants prepare for Civils?

Does ForumIAS run a coaching for IAS Preparation?

We have a dedicated blog for UPSC Preparation. It is free of cost.

For Paid Initiatives, we have:

Mains: Mains Guidance Program (Offline and Online),

Prelims: Prelims Test Series (Offline and Online).

I want to subscribe to ForumIAS Blog for updates. Where can I subscribe?

Click Here to Subscribe

Do I have to come to Delhi to prepare for Civil Services?

There is no need to come to Delhi. You can prepare at your home itself.

When is the right time to start preparing for the exam?


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