PTS Test Code – View here all ForumIAS Prelims Test Series ( PTS ) Test Codes

This page will be updated regularly with the latest testcodes for all Prelims Test Series Test Codes.

The ForumIAS Prelims Test Series 2024 aims to provide you with horizontal support through different levels, ensuring that your preparation is comprehensive and there are no cracks.

PTS 2024 – All Batches Test Plan and Test Calendar

PTS 2024 Batch-1

PTS 2024 Batch-2

PTS 2024 Batch-3

PTS 2024 Batch-4

PTS 2024 Batch-5

PTS 2024 Batch-5 (Alt)

PTS 2024 Batch-6

PTS 2024 Batch-7

PTS 2024 Batch-8

PTS 2024 Batch-9

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