SFG 2024 Level-2 First Month Ranklist

Dear Friends,

The Ranklist of first month of SFG 2024 Level-2 has been published. All participant students may have received the email on registered email IDs. If the result email is not received, please check your junk/spam folder.


Importat links:

  1. List of Candidates Selected in RLG in online mode – Click Here
  2. List of Selected Candidates in SFG / RLG in offline mode – Click Here
  3. Please read the code of conduct & terms and conditions for SFG Students Click Here
  4. Payment Link for SFG 2024 Level-2 – 2nd month – Click Here
  5. Payment Link for RLG 2024 Level-2 – 2nd month – Click Here


Warning! Students who make payment without being selected, their payment will be forfeited without any refunds. Also RLG students who make SFG payments, their payment will also be forfeited. You must make payments as per your category. You will not be allowed to write tests if you do so, and you will have to make fresh payments as per category for the same.


Please Note:

  • The deadline to pay the 2nd-month fee for SFG 2024 Level-2 is Tuesday, 2nd April 2024, at 5 PM. Failure to make the payment by the deadline will result in a penalty of 250 RS.
  • The SFG is a monthly subscription based study program where fees cannot be paid for both months at one go. Students who do not qualify for second month, or do not subscribe for second month, will be removed from the complete program. Thus they will also lose access to the first month test papers.
  • Students attending SFG/RLG in offline mode can only appear at the test centre provided by ForumIAS Academy. If they do not write the test at the designated test centre as provided by ForumIAS Academy, their results will not be published, and no refunds will be granted on the grounds that a student appeared for the test at a centre not assigned to them.
  • In case a student is found misbehaving with the staff, they will be expelled from the program without any refund of fees whatsoever. The management’s decision will be final in this case.

Please note that there is no SFG list in online mode. Students who take test in online mode will be part of RLG only. Also, for those students who are writing tests in online mode in all honesty, they can benchmark their actual performance from the offline score and ranklist regularly, and ought not be intimidated by the unusually impressive marks of online test takers.

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