700-ft-long mural Wall of Peace thrown open at last

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Source: The post is based on the article “700-ft-long mural Wall of Peace thrown open at last” published in The Hindu on 4th January 2023

What is the News?

The Wall of Peace was inaugurated in Kerala.

What is the Wall of Peace?

Wall of Peace is a great work of modern mural art on the 700-feet long compound wall of the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School at Cherpulassery in Kerala.

The project was named Wall of Peace not only because by reminding people of history and tradition it promotes the beauty of diversity, tolerance and harmonious co-existence but also because the word “peace” is written on the wall in 250 languages.

The wall has a portrait of Mozhikunnath Brahmadattan Namboodiripad, an eminent figure of the 1921 Malabar rebellion. Mahatma Gandhi’s visit to the region is also portrayed on the Wall.

What is Mural?

A Mural is any piece of graphic artwork that is painted or applied directly to a wall, ceiling or other permanent substrates. Mural techniques include fresco, mosaic, graffiti and marouflage.

The existence of mural paintings in India dates back to the 2nd century BC to 8-10th century AD. 

Some of the places where this painting is found include- Ajanta, Bagh, Sittanavasal, Armamalai cave, Ravan Chhaya rock shelter and Kailashnath temple in Ellora caves. The majority of the themes in these paintings relate to religion- Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

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