Army to get indigenous tank ammunition

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News:The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has approved the indigenous development of ammunition for the Army’s T-90 tanks.


About T-90:

  • The T-90S ‘Bhishma’ is a main battle tank of the Indian Army.
  • India had procured T-90 from Russia in 2001 and deliveries started in 2004.
  • The tank is equipped with a new turret weapon station with an upgraded 125mm gun. 
  • The tanks also sport an advanced and highly automated digital fire control system(FCS) to annihilate enemy tanks, self-propelled guns and other armoured targets. 
  • The tank also has a guided missile system which can destroy armoured targets including those equipped with explosive reactive armour (ERA) and has a range up to 5 kilometres. 
  • The tank has a protection system to insulate and help its crew operate in a Nuclear-Biological-Chemical attack environment.

Additional Information:

About Defence Acquisition Council (DAC):

  • Defence Acquisition Council(DAC) is the highest decision making body for military procurement.It was formed in 2001.It is headed by Defence minister.
  • The objective of the DAC is to ensure expeditious procurement of the approved requirements of the Armed Forces, in terms of capabilities sought and time frame prescribed by optimally utilizing the allocated budgetary resources.
  • DAC also gives policy guidelines to acquisitions based on long-term procurement plans.
  • It also clears all acquisitions including imported equipment and those produced indigenously or under a foreign licence.
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