Cabinet approves continuation of Schemes of Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region

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Source: The post is based on the article Cabinet approves continuation of Schemes of Ministry of Development of North Eastern Regionpublished in PIB on 5th January 2023

What is the News?

The Union Cabinet has approved the continuation of Schemes of the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region for the balance period of the 15th Finance Commission (2022-23 to 2025-26).

What are the schemes that will be continued in the North Eastern Region?

North East Special Infrastructure Scheme(NESIDS)

The scheme has been restructured having two components – NESIDS (Roads) and NESIDS (Other than Road Infrastructure).

Prime Minister’s Development initiative for the north eastern region – PM-Devine

What are the steps the Government of India has taken for the development of the North Eastern Region?

Due to the efforts taken by the government, there has been a 74% reduction in insurgency incidents, a 60% reduction in incidents of attacks on security forces and an 89% reduction in civilian deaths. 

Further, agreements with the national liberation front of Tripura in 2019, the BRU and bodo agreement in 2020 and the Karbi agreement in 2021 were agreed upon. The Assam-Meghalaya and Assam-Arunachal border disputes have also almost ended. With this, the north-east region is moving on the path of development.

Since 2014, we have witnessed massive increase in the budgetary allocations to the region. More than 4 lakh crores have been allocated for the region.

The North East Gas Grid (NEGG) project is underway and will improve the economy in NER.

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