CoWIN Grand challenge, CoWIN platform and CoWIN App

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Source: PIB

News: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare(MoHFW) and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has announced its grand challenge for “CoWIN app”.


  • Aim: To strengthen the COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network (CoWIN) system.
  • Eligibility: Indian tech startups, MSMEs, companies and Limited Liability Partnerships(LLPs) registered in India under Companies Act can apply. Further, teams not registered as companies or startups or MSMEs can also participate in the challenge.
  • Areas of Focus: The MoHFW has identified seven areas to focus on- 1) High Adherence rate; 2) Portability across India; 3) Vaccine Transportation; 4) Queue management; 5) Report adverse event following immunisation and adverse event of special interest; 6) Learning Management System; and 7) Logistic Management Information System.

Additional Facts:

  • What is CoWIN Platform?
    CoWIN: It is a digitalised platform launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) to help agencies keep a track of Covid-19 vaccination programme and allow Indian citizens to apply for a Covid-19 vaccine shot.
  • What is CoWIN-20 app?
    • Government developed an app as part of CoWIN platform named CoWIN-20. for real-time monitoring of Covid-19 Vaccine.
    • The main feature of the app is that it will send real-time data from the cold-storage facilities that store Covid-19 vaccines. This is an extension of eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network)
    • Modules: The app is divided into five modules.These are administrator module, registration module, vaccination module, beneficiary acknowledgement module and report module.
      For example, a front line worker like Health care worker can register themselves in app using the “registration module”. After the registration is done the “beneficiary acknowledgement module” will send an acknowledgement to the person
    • Beneficiary Acknowledgement module will provide QR based Certificate once the person is vaccinated.
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