Divya Drishti

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Source– This post on Divya Drishti is based on the article “DRDO Unveils the Power of AI” published in “PIB” on 14th June 2024.

Why in the News?

The Ingenious Research Solutions Pvt Ltd., a start-up developed an AI tool named ‘Divya Drishti.’ The development of ‘Divya Drishti’ was supported by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIR), a DRDO laboratory based in Bangalore.

About ‘Divya Drishti’

1. ‘Divya Drishti’ is an AI tool which integrates facial recognition with immutable physiological parameters, such as gait and skeleton, to create a robust biometric authentication system.

2. This innovation follows Dr. Verma’s victory in the Dare to Dream Innovation Contest 2.0, organized by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

3. The tool’s dual approach of combining facial recognition with gait analysis minimizes the risk of false positives and identity fraud, ensuring a higher level of precision in identification.

4. The AI tool is applicable across various sectors, including Defence, Law Enforcement, Corporate, and Public Infrastructure.

5. The development under the Technology Development Fund (TDF) exemplifies DRDO’s commitment to promoting start-ups in the defence and aerospace industries, aligning with the vision of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat.’

About Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIR)

1. CAIR is a premier DRDO laboratory dedicated to research and development in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Command and Control, and Information and Communication Security.

2. CAIR develops mission-critical products for secure battlefield communication and information management systems, enhancing the effectiveness and robustness of battlespace information systems.

3. The laboratory proactively addresses emerging cybersecurity challenges, ensuring robust defenses against evolving threats.

4. CAIR leverages advancements in cognitive and artificial intelligence systems to increase the autonomy of unmanned systems, pushing technological boundaries in complex scenarios.

5. CAIR plays a crucial role in driving national debates on technology policy, emphasizing the importance of preserving national security and achieving self-sufficiency.

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