Download : Public Administration Notes by Mango Dolly ( ITS, IRS)

This post has been contributed by mango_dolly – one of ForumIAS’s oldest members, one of the few people who has performed well in Public Administration Optional even when the optional did not perform well. He currently serves as Assistance Director General – Foreign Trade, and will be the joining the Indian Revenue Service ( IRS ). He just wrote his last Mains, and we all hope its not Goodbye Yet

Hello All,

CSM 2016 was my last attempt and with this my Mains relationship with UPSC comes to an end. I will miss QCA booklets .. lol :smiley: !

I wish all pub admin takers all the best for CSM 2017 ..

Good Luck !

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OFFLINE Notes: Books, Handwritten notes, Xerox of some books – I am meeting few people and sharing it with them.


Public Admin Thinkers

Misc on Pub Ad


I will be joining IRS on 19th December.

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