UPSC Topper Waseem Ahmad Bhat IAS Rank 7 | UPSC CSE 2022 – Answer sheets & Optional

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UPSC Topper Waseem Ahmad Bhat IAS Rank 7

Waseem Ahmad Bhat from Kashmir has achieved the remarkable feat of securing the All India Rank 7 in the UPSC Civil Services 2022 exam. His triumphant completion of this formidable task is a shining example of his perseverance and talent, and it deserves the utmost admiration.  

Here’s a comprehensive look into his  journey, optional subject, Marksheet, background and the strategies she employed to achieve this monumental success in UPSC exam. 

UPSC topper, Waseem Ahmad Bhat answer sheets isn’t just a collection; it’s a revelation. It provides a backstage pass to the meticulous preparation, the intellectual acuity, and the emotional fortitude required to crack the UPSC. Emulating the strategy of UPSC topper, Waseem Ahmad Bhat is an invaluable approach to fortifying your UPSC preparation. 

As you explore the answer sheets of UPSC topper Waseem Ahmad Bhat AIR 7 of UPSC 2022 , you will discover the nuances of answer writing, the art of time management, and the intricacies of subject mastery. 

You can download UPSC topper, Waseem Ahmad Bhat test copies that he wrote at ForumIAS during his preparation journey. 



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Waseem Ahmad Bhat Sample MGP Copy – GS Paper

Waseem Ahmad Bhat Sample MGP Copy – Ethics Paper



Important Highlights about Waseem Ahmad Bhat


Rank – 7

Attempt – 3rd

Optional Subject – Anthropology

Graduation – B. Tech in Civil Engineering

Father – Bee Keeper, Agricultural Department, J&K

Mother – Homemaker

Cadre Preference – Jammu & Kashmir

Extracurricular activities – Watching Sci-Fi TV Shows and reading books on evolutionary anthropology



Background and Education of UPSC Topper Waseem Ahmad Bhat

Hailing from the remote Dooru Shahabad in Kashmir’s Anantnag district, Waseem completed his schooling from his hometown in Anantnag. Later, he cracked the Joint Entrance Examination in 2015 and got a seat in the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. In 2019, he graduated from NIT as a civil engineer.

After graduating, Waseem Ahmad relocated to Delhi and started preparing for the UPSC Exam.

Waseem Bhat had secured rank 225 in 2021 and is currently undergoing training for the Indian Revenue Service.

Waseem Ahmad Bhat enrolled in the following Programs of ForumIAS: 

MGP 2022 Program

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Family of UPSC Topper Waseem Ahmad Bhat

Waseem Ahmad Bhat’s family has been his pillar of strength throughout his journey.

His father works in the Jammu and Kashmir state agriculture department, while his mother is a homemaker.

Waseem credited his parents and grandfather for inspiring him to pursue a career in the civil services.


Personal Interests and Hobbies of UPSC Topper Waseem Ahmad Bhat

Waseem loves to read books on evolutionary anthropology. He also likes watching TV shows based on science fiction.


Preparation Strategy of UPSC Topper Waseem Ahmad Bhat

Waseem mentioned that determination and a clear objective are essential for conquering any obstacle.

Acknowledging the importance of personal mentors, Waseem encourages future civil servants to seek guidance from seasoned individuals who can provide customized assistance and valuable insights.

To build a strong foundation, he initially relied on NCERT books before progressing to other study materials.

Waseem emphasized the demanding and mentally taxing nature of the journey but encouraged aspiring civil servants to pursue it with passion. “It is very tough and mentally taxing, but if you have the passion, you should go for it,” he said of his message to the aspiring civil servants. “One has to be in it for the long haul.”

During his UPSC interview, Waseem disclosed that he faced questions related to anthropology and tribes. The interview panel also inquired about his background and origin, asking typical questions.


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