Economics Optional Test 6 for UPSC Mains 2017 : Mains Marathon

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Here is the 6th Economics Mains Marathon Optional Test.

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Economics Mains Marathon : Test-6

  1. What do you understand by ‘sterilization’ effects of foreign exchange market intervention? How does ‘sterilization’ work in the case of imperfect capital mobility?
  2. Define a balance of payment function and explain the factors that cause a shift in this function. Explain the general equilibrium situation in a four-sector IS- LM model.
  3. Summarise the main arguments of the trade optimists and trade pessimists with regard to trade policy for developing countries, which argument does the data tend to support?
  4. Distinguish between Currency Board Arrangement and dollarisation. Why would a nation adopt one or the other?
  5. How does portfolio balance approach differ from monetary approach in determining the exchange rate?
  6. Do you agree with the view that “international trade is an engine of growth”? Elucidate your answer.
  7. What are different kinds of disequilibrium in balance of payments? Suggest some measures to solve the problem of structural disequilibrium in balance of payments.
  8. Discuss critically the role of International Monetary Fund in imparting stability in international monetary system.
  9. Give salient features of WTO Agreement in relation to agriculture. In this context, explain the concept of TRIPS.
  10. What are the elasticity and absorption approaches to BOP adjustment? Discuss.
  11. Discuss the role of multinationals in employment creation, income generation and transfer of technology.
  12. Explain the TRIMs of WTO. What are the major debates relating to it?
  13. Point out critical elements in typical PPP agreements in the infrastructure projects to safeguard the interests of the public.
  14. Do you subscribe to the view that the “controversy regarding economic planning versus market mechanism is both unnecessary and futile”. Elaborate your answer.
  15. What are the human development indices used for international comparison of status of development? Elaborate the methodology used for developing Human Development Index.
  16. “Industrial development and environmental degradation are highly correlated”. If it is true what should be, in your opinion, the policy options for industrialisation process vis-a-vis pollution control?
  17. Outline the global efforts for checking the environmental degradation. Do you think that the advanced countries are cooperating in the efforts?
  18. Outline the main dimensions of human capital formation highlighting their relative significance in economic development.
  19. How does carbon trading help in reducing environmental degradation?
  20. Discuss the role of renewable energy resources in order to maintain environmental sustainability with special reference to India.

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