Emissions fiasco: No coercive action against Volkswagen, says SC

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  1. The Supreme Court (SC) has stayed an order of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) imposing a fine of ₹500 crore on Volkswagen AG.The NGT had imposed the fine on Volkswagen for harming the environment.
  2. The NGT had fined ₹500 crore for allegedly damaging the environment by using cheat device in its diesel cars sold in India.A cheat device is a software that allows car manufacturers to manipulate emission tests by altering the performance of its engines.
  3. Volkswagen India has said that it had not used any cheat device.However,in 2015,the automaker recalled about 3 lakh cars in India that were equipped with EA 189 diesel engines for technical updates.
  4. The Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal emerged in 2015 in the US when authorities in the US discovered that diesel vehicles manufactured by the company emitted nitrogen oxide 40 times the permissible limits.
  5. Subsequently,the company pleaded guilty of using a device that showed emissions within permissible limit when they were tested in laboratories but violated the norms while running on the roads.
  6. These diesel vehicles were produced between 2009 and 2015 and Volkswagen issued a recall of almost 11 million vehicles fitted with the EA 189 diesel engines across the world.The company was also asked to pay a hefty fine by a US federal court.


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