ForumIAS Open Test 2017 Final Results & Ranklists – See your Ranks

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Dear Friends,

The Results of the Open Test are out.

First , the clarification

*******Mission Indradhanush*******

We are aware of the difference between Mission Indradhanush and simply Indradhanush scheme.

Mission Indradhanush is for immunisation and Indradhanush scheme is for Banking

However, you are required to select the most suitable options. Candidates are expected to figure out that when two options are clearly correct – Bankruptcy Code and Sarfesi Act, then the nomenclature of words “Mission” has to be overlooked to correctly mark the “most suitable choice” instead of the absolute right. Note that this nomenclature difference, has been ignored on more occasions than one such as

What this does not mean. This does not means what when a question comes “Which of the following……?” a) Mission Indradhanush (b)Indradhanush , you will not choose (a) because forumIAS key says so.

Our goal with the Simulator Tests is not just to dump information on the candidate, but to develop answer solving abilities. Once that aptitude of solving is developed, you can solve any paper with even limited knowledge base. We are sorry, but candidates expect that Test Series should be used to ask questions and solutions should be read for enhancing knowledge. However, the simulator Tests and ForumIAS Tests are designed in general with the aim of developing problem solving skills as a primary goal and enhancing knowledge base as a secondary goal. This ensures that whether paper is fact based or concept based, current based or static based, our students do well.

*********Final Result*********

The result can be seen below

******Decoding Cut off********

> 120+ is excellent :; Usually scored by candidates who are not in their first attempt and have accumulated knowledge over multiple attempts. Usually mains apppeared and Interview appeared candidates are in this range. Usually. First timers who have rubbed it too hard should also get in this range

96-120 is a good score. You are on the positive side of the border, but you are not too far from it to be in a comfort zone. So candidates in this marks zone must work hard in the next ten days. They have to fear none but themselves – that is wasting time and letting the people in the lower score bracket beat them

70-96 : You are our Hope. :) You are the back benchers. You are the dark horse. You are the dark knight. You are the one who has been lazing around. You are the one , who will beat all those above you if you study well for the next ten days. You belong to no group, but you are an individuals in yourself. Depending on your mood, you will migrate to any of the above and below groups. Some of you will secure Ranks 1-10 in the CSE 2017. Good luck!

Below 70 : You will need a lot of hard work and while everyone needs luck, you will need more luck than usual. You must make the most of the time you have. And no matter what rank you score in these mocks, a large number of you will make it to the final list.

Remember, when the game is on, all bets are off. Winners are not decided when the race begins. It is decided when the race ends

*********Errors and discrepencies & discliamers *********

If you appeared for the Test at offline center and your name is not there, this is because
1) you did not fill up mobile/email/name properly on OMR sheet
2) You did not create an account on timely

If it is so, please fill up the below form

And we will update the excel , if your OMR sheet is found un-uploaded ( but please create an account first on as that is the centralised place for uploading ranks and scores )

There is a chance of error rate of +/- 2 marks in the final list. We do not yet have an OMR reader machine, but will get one soon. The typing and data entry work for your results was done by lot of people who are forumias members who are not professional typists and Data Operators, but are doctors, engineers and civil services aspirants and volunteers who chose too help us.

We thank all forumias members who volunteered for the unpaid work done by them in organising such events. Some of the forumias members who helped us last year were @ greymatterules who was serving in IIS ( now IAS ) and @ modernashoka ( briefly ) serving in DANIPS ( now IRS ) , helping in paper distribution and crowd management ADN attendance :)

We look forward to your help and support in keeping this awesome community alive :)

Long live the community!

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