Gorsam Kora Festival

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Source-This post on Gorsam Kora Festival has been created based on the article “Arunachal’s Gorsam Kora Festival celebrates India-Bhutan friendship” published in “India Today” on 10 March 2024.

Why in the news?

The Gorsam Kora Festival which takes place every year in Zemithang valley of Arunachal Pradesh has concluded on March 10.

About Gorsam Kora Festival

Gorsam Kora Festival
Source-The Economic Times

Location– It is held annually in Arunachal Pradesh’s Zemithang valley.

History– The festival is centred around the 93-foot tall stupa – ‘Gorsam Chorten’. This stupa was built in the 13th century. The 3-day event starts with prayers at the revered Khinzemane Holy Tree which is believed to be planted by the 14th Dalai Lama.

Organized by– It is organized by Zemithang community in collaboration with civil authorities and supported by local Indian Army Units.

What is the significance of this festival?

1) It honours the shared Buddhist cultural heritage and celebrates the longstanding friendship between India and Bhutan.

2) The festival featured various events, including cultural performances by local troupes and Indian army bands, as well as martial performances like Mallakhamb and Zanjh Pathaka.

3)  Zemithang valley is also part of the Vibrant Village Programme. Under the Vibrant Village Programme, there will be enhancement of tourist infrastructure. This will transform Zemithang valley to a thriving tourist destination.

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