Internet in India report: India to have around 900 million internet users by 2025: Report

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Source: The post is based on the articleIndia to have around 900 million internet users by 2025: Reportpublished in Livemint on 29th July 2022.

What is the News?

The Internet and Mobile Association of India(IAMAI) has released its report titled “Internet in India”.

What are the key findings of the report?

Active Internet Users in India: At present, there are a total of 692 million active internet users in India including 351 million from rural India and 341 from urban Indian. The report estimates that there will be 900 million internet users in India by 2025.

Online Transactions: Around 346 million Indians are engaged in online transactions including e-commerce and digital payments. This was largely driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, which sparked a 51% increase in digital transactions in two years.

Gender wise: The number of male internet users are more than female users in both rural and urban areas.

Top Activities: Social media, entertainment and communications are the top three activities in which internet users are engaged across India.

State-wise: In terms of states, Goa has the maximum Internet penetration while Bihar has the lowest.

Not adopted Internet yet: ​​Around 762 million Indians have not adopted the Internet yet — including 63% from rural pockets of the country. ’Difficulty to understand the Internet’ continues to be the primary deterrent along with lack of awareness, especially in rural India.

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