ISRO releases images of Earth captured by its EOS-06 satellite

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Source: ​​The post is based on the article “ISRO releases images of Earth captured by its EOS-06 satellite” published in The Hindu on 31st March 2023

What is the News?

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has released images of Earth captured by the EOS-06 satellite.

What is EOS-06?

Earth Observation satellite(EOS-6) is the third-generation satellite in the Oceansat series.

It was launched by ISRO onboard the PSLV-C54 along with eight Nano-satellites in 2022.

It provides continued services of Oceansat-2 with enhanced payload capability.

It carries four payloads: 1) Ocean Color Monitor (OCM-3), 2) Sea Surface Temperature Monitor (SSTM), 3) Ku-Band Scatterometer (SCAT-3) and 4) ARGOS.


To observe ocean color data, sea surface temperature and wind vector data to use in Oceanography, climatic and meteorological applications.

To support value-added products such as potential fishing zones using chlorophyll, Sea Surface Temperature(SST) and wind speed and land-based geophysical parameters

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