Karnataka Speaker exits House with plea for electoral reforms

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  1. Karnataka speaker has defended his decision to disqualify 17 rebel MLAs.
  2. He asked the assembly to pass a resolution seeking electoral reforms and review of the 10th Schedule as both have to be looked into by the Parliament.
  3. He said that the 10th Schedule of the Constitution dealing with the anti-defection law is not equipped with sufficient provisions to prevent defections.
  4. The speaker has also asked the assembly to amend the Karnataka Lokayukta Act to spell out punishment for MLAs who fail to disclose their assets and liabilities every year.Currently,the act says MLAs need to submit details of their assets and liabilities.But it says nothing about punishing those who fail to do so.
  5. Further,he also sought to know why the Election Commission of India never orders an inquiry when someone declares massive assets to find out where the money came from.
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