MATSYA 6000 Submarine

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Source- This post on “MATYSA 6000 Submarine” has been created based on the article ” India set to be the 6th country to have its own Deep Sea Mission” published in the PIB on 16th June 2024.

Why in News?

India is set to be the 6th country of the world to have its own Deep Sea Mission. The other 5 countries are- France, the US, China, Russia and Japan. 1st Stage of harbor trail (40-50m) deep of deep sea mission planned by September 2024. MATSYA 6000 submarine is going to play a critical role in the Deep Sea Mission.

About MATYSA 6000

Matsya 6000
Source- PIB
AboutThe Matsya 6000 is a three-person submersible that will be able to go 6,000 metres under the sea.
Developed ByThe vessel is being developed by Chennai’s National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT).
Structure1. Matsya 6000 is a 2.1-diameter sphere.
2. It is made up of of 80mm-thick titanium alloy. It will be able to withstand a pressure 600 times greater than that at sea level.
3. The Matsya 6000 will be able to operate from 12 to 16 hours straight and will have an oxygen supply of 96 hours.
4. Matsya 6000 will also feature the ultra-short baseline acoustic positioning system (USBL). This will allow the mothership carrying the transponder to send information and the submersible to respond, which will then let the mothership know where the submersible is.
Function/Aim1. Matsya 6,000 will look at chemosynthetic biodiversity in hydrothermal vents and low-temperature methane seeps in the ocean.
2. Matsya 6000 will also promote tourism and ocean literacy.

About the Samudrayan/Deep Ocean Mission Project

Samudrayan Project- The Samudrayaan project is slated to explore the ocean depths for resources. The mission will scout for precious metals such as cobalt, copper and manganese. The project will also examine the biodiversity of the ocean.

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