National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) reviews situation in Sikkim

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Source: The post is based on the articleNational Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) reviews situation in Sikkim published in “PIB” on 5th October 2023

What is the News?

The National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC), under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary has met and reviewed the situation in Sikkim.

What is the National Crisis Management Committee(NCMC)?

NCMC has been constituted in the Cabinet Secretariat.It has been set up for effective coordination and implementation of relief measures and operations in the wake of a natural calamity.

The committee is headed by Cabinet Secretary.It also includes Secretaries of Ministries / Departments and agencies with specific Disaster management responsibilities. 

The key functions of the committee include 1) oversee the Command, Control and Coordination of the disaster response and 2) give direction to the Crisis Management Group(CMG) as deemed necessary. 

What is Crisis Management Group (CMG)?

Crisis Management Group (CMG) is a group under the Chairmanship of the Central Relief Commissioner comprising the senior officers from the various ministries and other concerned departments. 

Its functions are to 1) review contingency plans formulated by various Ministries 2) review measures required for dealing with a natural disaster and 3) coordinate the activities of the Central Ministries and the State Governments in relation to disaster preparedness and relief.

The CMG meets at least twice a year under the Central Relief Commissioner.In case of disaster, it meets daily or as frequently as the situation demands. 

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