Nelloptodes gretae

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News:A tiny species of beetle discovered more than 50 years ago has been named after Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.


About Nelloptodes gretae:

  • Scientists have officially named Nelloptodes gretae after Greta Thunberg to honour her contribution in raising global awareness of climate change.
  • The species belongs to the family of beetles called Ptiliidae.The beetle has no eyes or wings.It is less than 1mm long.
  • Despite their global distribution,the beetle are not particularly well known because of their miniature size.
  • The beetles are usually found in the leaf litter and soil, feeding on fungal hyphae and spores.
  • This new species of beetle was first found in 1965 by British naturalist Dr William C Block in Nairobi,Kenya.

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