NITI Aayog releases draft Act, rules for states on land titling

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News: NITI Aayog has released the draft model Act and rules for states for regulation on conclusive land titling.



  • Aim: To reduce land-related litigations and improved land acquisition for infrastructure projects.


Key Provisions of the rules:

  • State governments will have the power to order for establishment, administration and management of a system of title registration of immovable properties.
  • Any person aggrieved by the Record of Titles may file an objection in the Register Office within three years from the date of notification.
  • Following this, the Title Registration Officer shall make an entry to that effect in Register of Titles and in the Register of Disputes and refer the case to the land dispute resolution officer.
  • A party aggrieved with an order of the land dispute resolution officer may file an appeal before the Land Titling Appellate Tribunal within 30 days of passing of such an order.
  • A special bench of High court shall be designated to deal with appeals against the orders passed by the Land Titling Appellate Tribunal.


Additional Facts:

  • Land title: It is a document that determines the ownership of land or an immovable property.
  • Why are Land Titles in India unclear? Land titles in India are unclear because of various reasons.These include:
    • The system of land records was inherited from the zamindari system
    • Legal framework in India does not provide for guaranteed ownership and
    • Manner in which information pertaining to land records is collected and maintained further exacerbates the gaps in these records.
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