Operations launched by RPF: Performance of RPF during the month of March 2022

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What is the News?

Railway Protection Force(RPF) is entrusted with the responsibility of security of railway property, passenger area, passengers and matters connected therewith. To fulfill these responsibilities, RPF has launched several operations in 2022.

What are the Operations launched by the Railway Protection Force(RPF)?

Operation Nanhe Farishte: Under this, RPF undertakes the noble cause of identifying and rescuing children in need of care and protection who are lost/separated from their families for various reasons. 

Operation Jeevan Raksha: Under this, RPF personnel saves passengers a) who are in a hurry try to board/de-board a moving train, slip and fall with the risk of coming under the wheels of train or b) people under distress try to commit suicide by deliberately coming in front of a running train.

Operation Matrishakti: Under this, RPF personnel especially mahila RPF personnel go out of the way to help pregnant women, who go into labour during their train journey.

Operation Amanat: Many passengers forget to take all their belongings in a rush to board the train or leave the train/station. Under this operation, RPF personnel help in securing such belongings and restore them to their rightful owners.  

Operation NARCOS: Under this, RPF takes action to curb narcotics smuggling through rail. 

Operation WILEP: Under this, RPF takes action against the smuggling of wildlife, animal parts and forest products through rail.

Operation Rail Prahari: Under this, RPF acts as sentinels on rail and helps state police/Law Enforcement Agencies(LEAs) in the detention of serious cases reported from their respective areas of operation.

Operation Dignity: Under this, RPF rescues destitute, helpless, mentally unsound, trafficked adults in need of care and protection and helps them reunite with their families or get them relocated to shelter homes in collaboration with NGOs.

Source: This post is based on the articlePerformance of RPF during the month of March 2022published in PIB on 14th April 2022.

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