Political Science Optional Questions – Test 6 : Mains Marathon

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Test 6 : Political Science Mains Marathon


Q.1. Discuss the key features of pre-Marxist socialist theory.

Q.2.  Hegemony does mean something more specific than power and domination. Elaborate.

Q.3. “All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility”- J.S. Mill.

Q.4. Examine the conception of state in the ideologies of Fascism and Marxism.

Q.5. Central to Aristotle’s political thought is his classification of different types of political constitutions.

Q.6 Explain Machiavelli’s application of empirical method to human affairs marks an important stage in an evolution of Political Science.

Q.7 Evaluate the contribution of Buddhist tradition to Indian Political Thought.

Q.8 “The end of every man is continued success in obtaining those things which he from time to time desires”-Hobbes. Comment.

Q.9 Critically evaluate the debate on “End of ideology”.

Q.10 Compare analytically the concept of ‘power’ with respect to views of Marx and Max Webber.

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