Political Science Optional Questions – Test 7 : Mains Marathon

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Test 7 : Political Science Mains Marathon


Q.1. Discuss the impact of globalization on the internal functioning of the state.


Q.2. Critically examine functional and systems approach to study of International relation.


Q.3. Examine the Marxist perspective of political economy to the study of comparative politics. How relevant it is in present times?


Q.4. Comment on decline of political parties and examine whether new social movement shall be an alternative strategy for establishing new link between society and state.


Q.5. Is globalization an essentially a process of ‘universalization’ of capitalist modernity? How has it affected internal functioning of the state?


Q.6. What is the difference between Interest groups and Pressure groups? In case of India are these fully able to promote interest of its member?


Q.7. Comment: party system in India is neither western nor indigenous.


Q.8. Suggest some of the measures to ensure that the electoral system in India doesn’t make democracy into ‘tyranny of majority’.


Q.9. Discuss the evolution of Political Sociology. What are its weaknesses and strength?


Q.10 Compare the nature of state as found in advanced nations with that of post-colonial socities.

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