Political Science Optional Questions – Test 8 : Mains Marathon

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Test 8 : Political Science Mains Marathon

TEST NO 08:  COMPARATIVE POLITICS     (150 marks, 250 words)

Q.1 In what perspective is the new social movement ‘new’ in nature. Discuss.


Q.2 What are the merits and demerits of proportional representation?


Q.3 What do you understand by over developed state? Explain its relevance.


Q.4 What is the relevance of comparative method of political analysis? What are the limitations of historical method?


Q.5 Explain Gabriel Almond’s classification of pressure group. How pressure    group contribute to civic environment of the country?


Q.6 “Despite many challenges Globalization has made the world a better place than it otherwise would have been”. Explain.


Q.7 Examine the major principles of state centric world views. (2013)


Q.8 Explain: Party system in India is neither western nor indigenous in nature.


Q.9. Critically examine Globalization from the third world perspective.


Q.10.Structural-functional approach to political analysis focuses more on status-quoism than on change. Elucidate.

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