Probe shows use of toxic material in firecrackers: SC

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What is the News?

The Supreme Court has said that a preliminary enquiry by the CBI into the firecracker industry, including in Tamil Nadu has revealed rampant violation of its ban on use of toxic ingredients like Barium and its salts.

What is the issue?

Source: The Hindu

In 2020, the Supreme Court had ordered the CBI Joint Director in Chennai to conduct a detailed probe. The CBI was directed to examine the allegations of violation of the court ban in 2018.

Note: In 2018, the Supreme Court had banned the sale and production of firecrackers that are loud and toxic. It permitted only green or reduced emission firecrackers. Barium-based firecrackers were specifically banned.

What did the CBI find in its probe?

The probe by CBI has revealed rampant violation of the Supreme Court ban on the use of toxic ingredients like barium and its salts in firecrackers.

What did the Supreme Court say on the probe?

The Supreme Court has rejected the firecrackers manufacturers’ contention that thousands of employees earned their livelihood in the firecracker industry.

The court said that a balance needs to be made between employment, unemployment and the right to life and health of citizens. Hence, the court said that they cannot sacrifice the lives of many for a few. 

Based on this, the court asked the manufacturers why contempt action should not be taken against them.

Source: This post is based on the article “Probe shows use of toxic material in firecrackers: SC” published in The Hindu on 30th Sep 2021. 

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