SFG 2023 – All Important Docs and Links

This is the Official Noticeboard for SFG 2024. This page will be updated with all important notices and updates. Important Links – Read this before proceeding SFG 2023 LEVEL 2

  • Read about SFG Level 2, Registration, Discussion Thread, and Important Dates: Click Here
  • Daily Study Plan for SFG Level 2: Click Here
  • Application SFG 2023 – Level 2 Doubtful questions/ Report an Error:-CLICK HERE
  • SFG 2023 Level-2 Program starts – 28th February 2023
  • Fees for the First Month will be  Rs. 2000 + GST for SFG and Rs. 2500+GST for RLG
  • Fees for the Second Month will be Rs. 2000 + GST for SFG and Rs. 2500+GST for RLG.
  • SFG Channel –  Link  ( Please join to receive email updates on the program )
  • For offline students, only the question paper will be provided in hard copy. No print out of Answer Key or Detailed solution will be provided as SFG is a low cost program.
  • As a privilege, the students selected in SFG will be provided with test discussions. The student selected into RLG will be eligible to watch the online discussion on their portal only however students selected into SFG will be eligible to join the Test discussion in Online or Offline at New Delhi Centre.
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