Starting May, ISRO to launch a string of ‘defence’ satellite

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  1. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is expected to launch a number strategic earth observation (EO) satellites in 2019-2020.
  2. The satellites which are expected to be launched are: a) RISAT-2B, b) Cartosat-3, c) RISAT-2BR1, d) GISAT-1(ne series), e) RISAT-2BR2, f) GISAT-2, g) RISAT-1A, and h) GSAT-32.
  3. RISAT-2B is a radar imaging satellite. It has all weather capability to take images of the earth. It is a part of ISRO’s RISAT series). RISAT-2, launched in 2009 was the first of the RISAT series to reach orbit.
  4. The Cartosat 3 is remote sensing satellite. It is an advanced version of Cartosat-2 series with improved spatial and spectral characteristics. It has an enhanced resolution of 0.25 metre for cartographic applications and high-resolution mapping.
  5. GSAT-32 is a communication satellite. It will replace GSAT-6A, which was lost in a failed launch. It seeks to boost point-to-point communications for military.
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