On Digital Health ID, proceed with caution

Synopsis: Government must weigh all pros and cons, learn from experiences of other countries to ensure that a good policy does not die due to poor implementation. What are some potential benefits of ABDM? – Well-organized data repositories that enable easy access to records can stimulate much-needed research on medical devices and drugs. This storehouse… Continue reading On Digital Health ID, proceed with caution

Digital health mission in a click? Not yet

Synopsis: Experts have stated that though ABDM is a step in the right direction, India needs a commensurate push towards establishing a robust infrastructure that’ll be required for its success. What are some issues with the pilot? Public health experts are not very confident about the pilot that was run in six Union territories as… Continue reading Digital health mission in a click? Not yet

When Digital Meets Health

Synopsis: GoI’s new initiative ‘Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission ‘has the potential to revolutionise patient care. Introduction Currently, with the processes followed in hospitals when a patient develops any complication, it gets difficult to track events. Bedside paper records contain very little detail to analyse and interpret with accuracy. Today it is a nightmare for… Continue reading When Digital Meets Health