Tramjatra event: Come February, 150 years of Kolkata tram to be celebrated by users

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Source: The post is based on the article “Come February, 150 years of Kolkata tram to be celebrated by users” published in The Hindu on 15th December 2022

What is the News?

Kolkata will witness Tramjatra event that will celebrate 150 years of its iconic tram and renew hope that this non-polluting mode of transport does not become entirely extinct in February, 2023.

What is Tramjatra?

Tramjatra (tram’s journey) is a moving tram carnival that was started back in 1996 jointly by enthusiasts from Melbourne and Kolkata.

At that time, Kolkata, the only Indian city where the tram still runs, was home to about two dozen routes. Today the number of routes that remain operational has shrunk to just two.

What is the objective of Tramjatra event 2023?

Objective: To educate people, particularly the younger generation, about climate change, air pollution, and sustainable development objectives with a focus on green mobility and Kolkata’s tram legacy.

Theme: Heritage, Clean Air and Green Mobility.

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